Okay, I see your game.

Which is removing anything you think will hurt your income.

I suggest you stop.

Can you be more detailed?

Can you be more detailed?


The main discussion section has been taken down, some of people saying major problems and not seeing it in the next day, a topic that included a link to a part of the Russian forums that said that the devs wanted to work as little as possible for maximum profit, this most likely.

The general game discussion and general suggestion pages have been reworked into the categories you see now. Threads have been moved into their appropriate subforums. No threads have been deleted.


This has been done to streamline our forums and to make finding information easier.

i’m sure if you owned your own gaming company you would SURELY be all about making money as well. just in the human nature we live in today. Everybody need’s money yes? and people like me need our game’s. they go hand in hand :slight_smile:

If u were a developer…u wouldn’t even have thought such a silly thing…