Official Teamspeak Server

Many pilots want to fly together and find new wing men and we want to support this - find new friends and conquer the galaxy.


We are pleased to announce the official Star Conflict TeamSpeak for all pilots. On this TeamSpeak server you will join the other communities of Gaijin Entertainment.

This is a great opportunity to get in touch with other corporations or to hang out with friends (and sometimes developers). Furthermore the server will be used for coordination of certain events.


Server address :

Password: Spitfire
Category: Star Conflict


There is also an unofficial Teamspeak Server hosted by players of the community.

This Teamspeak Server belongs to players of Star Conflict and it is in no way affiliated with the companies Star Gem Inc. or Gaijin Entertainment.

Server Address:


Teamspeak Download:
How to connect:












Purpose :

  • To allow pilots to find other pilots to play with, form squads or to use teamspeak without the need to be in a corporation or purchase a server yourself.
  • To allow pilots from different corporations to fly together without needing to provide access to a private teamspeak server.
  • To allow small corporations or community projects the use of teamspeak without the need to rent a teamspeak server. (see details below)
  • To provide a place to ocassionally find and talk with GMs or Administrators.

Corporations / Channels :
If your community project or corporation would like a channel on the Teamspeak Server, we are able to help you out. Please note that at the time we can only extend this offer to corporations or projects of a managable size in order to keep the server tidy.
What we can offer:

  • A limited amount of channels for your corp with or without password.
  • If your corp has a logo we can use it to mark your channel on the Teamspeak Server.

If you wish to enquire about this, please see the contact details further below.
Server Rules :

The Teamspeak Server is designed for Star Conflict players only. It is not allowed to use the server for any other purpose, everyone disregarding this will be removed from the server.


1. Nickname choice:

1.1. It is forbidden to use nicknames that may be misleading to any rank in the Star Conflict team.

1.2. It is forbidden to use nicknames containing profanity, rudeness, racism, etc.

1.3. It is up to the server administration to decide whether the name is appropriate or not.


2. Behaviour

2.1. It is forbidden to threaten or insult other players or the administration.

2.2. It is forbidden to use profanity in public channels. In private channels it is up to the channel administrator to decide.

2.3. It is forbidden to violate the legislation of the European Union in any way.

2.4. It is forbidden to provoke political, religious or ethnic conflict.

2.5. It is forbidden to disclose private information about any other person.

2.6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the administration in public.

2.7. It is forbidden to post links to external resources in means of advertisement or links that violate the rules.

2.8. There are lobbies (general chat/discussion) channels for all the primary languages in the game. In these channels, you should only speak the indicated language.

2.9. If you are flying in a squad, please move to a seperate channel with your squad. This way you can more effectively discuss combat tactics, call targets, etc. without disturbing the other users.

2.10. It is up to the administration to decide whether there is a violation or not. Administrators are allowed to punish even if the violation is not mentioned int these rules.


3. Administration

3.1. Any members of the GM team as well as official representatives of Star Conflict are clearly indicated:
3.1.1. GMs are clearly indicated by a blue “G” symbol and the GM Server Group.

3.1.2. Official representatives of Star Conflict are indicated by a red “A” symbol and the Administrator Server Group.

3.2. If a player wants to make a complain about a punishment related to the use of the Teamspeak Server, he or she has to contact the persons mentioned in the contact details.

3.3. The administration reserves the right to determine the degree of punishment.

3.4. The administration reserves the right to remove the access to any of the features of the Teamspeak Server as well as to the whole server without explanation.

3.5. This community project is non commercial, it is based on enthusiasm and support of the community.

3.6. These rules can be changed at any time.


4. About the server

4.1. The server is open 24 hours a day.

4.2. The maximum number of players connected on the server is 512.


Contact Details
If you have any questions about the Teamspeak Server, please contact [Error](< base_url >/index.php?/user/12279-error/) by Private Message.
Please note that there is active server monitoring in place in the rare case of connectivity issues, so this does not need to be reported.
Disclaimer: Access to the Teamspeak server is a priviledge and not a right. The administration reserve the right to remove your access indefinitely and without prior notice if this is deemed necessary to maintain peace and order.

“French canal” and “Global AFK” canal missing T.T

I’d be happy to add a French channel this evening. The same applies for other languages with an above average player base. We would like to avoid many country channels which end up not being used much, but at the same time at the very least any languages officially represented on this forum will receive their own channel.


A global AFK channel is a good suggestion, I will take a moment to consider the potential implications of having a large® number of people afk on the server and discuss it with other involved parties. Meanwhile, the ‘Hangar’ (the channel you are in when you enter) is muted/doesn’t allow any speech and is best suited for this whilst a ‘real’ dedicated AFK is not yet present.


Thank you for your suggestions!  :good:

Do you realize that my English accent will kill all the people who will listen it? :sad:

A lot of native English speaker find a French accent very pleasant - the best way to improve your English is by using it!

they already suffer me on a daily basis  :taunt:

You have no idea how my english accent is powerfull !


I’ve been formed by Irish Rugby Trainer !

I bet all the girls will hang out in a channel that has most of British accent


Oh and this server is useless unless it is promoted in the game itself, on a greeting window or something. Major part of the population never visit/research forums.

Would Not say that, starbattle had more than 1 Full Server (512) at High times and it was just an sc2 map advertised only in Forums. They still Do have quite a Community there. I even had some conflict visitors on our ts, without inviting them directly. Never say never. Some things Do work better Community driven. It just needs to reach critical mass.

I visited u guys too, and for sure will again, albeit i prefer our own hideout.

A French lobby and dedicated AFK have been added as requested.


We have some additional features planned but these require more programming effort.

A French lobby and dedicated AFK have been added as requested.


We have some additional features planned but these require more programming effort.


You know you scared me everytime you edited the channel yesterday?

You know you scared me everytime you edited the channel yesterday?



Apologies, ZEIK and I were making some changes to the structure of the channels in order to make it more usable and allow users to collapse/minimize entire sections they are not interested in more easily. (E.g. like grouping the lobbies in a category)


Hopefully some more French people will join you now. Your English was fine btw - at least I had no trouble understanding you. And you have a great accent :slight_smile:

In other news;
Hosted Corporations
We currently offer corporations a ‘home’ on the server. Please note that this is evaluated on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to decline such a request for corporations that are simply too large. We don’t want to fill the server with 2-3 corporations with 150 members each when we can facilitate several dozen small-medium ones instead.
New features;

  • Added ‘Ranks’
    • Ranks currently include: CEO, Officer, Member, Friend.
    • CEO can assign Officers/Members/Friends.
    • CEO can create, delete and edit sub-channels.
    • Officers can assign Members/Friends.
    • CEO and Officers can ‘move’ people within their own channels.
  • Added the ability to make channels ‘Private’ so only Members or higher can join.
  • Added Corporation Logos.
    • Applies primarily to corporations living on or actively using the Teamspeak.


Detailed Instructions for Corporation CEO’s :

Private Channels & Ranks

You are now able to make your corporation channels private without the use of passwords. Please note that a very specific process is required, as described below.

  • Member only: Edit a channel and in permissions set ‘Join’ to 30.
  • Officer only:  Edit a channel and in permissions set ‘Join’ to 60.
  • For full use of this functionality, one public or passworded channel is required:
    • To provide people with access, you need to assign them a ‘Channel Rank’. This should be done from the ‘Root’ channel for your corporation - please ensure the person is in the root before assigning them a rank.
    • The assigned channel rank is automatically inherited in all sub-channels. This is a lot easier than assigning permissions for each channel and each member separately.
    • You can move people within your own channels - which is why a public channel is useful. Ask them to join the public channel, then move them to the root of your corporation (provided you made the root private, which you don’t have to do. Technically speaking you could use the root as your public entrance)
    • Obviously you could keep a fully private structure by having a passworded channel as your ‘entrance’. Have people enter the private channel, then move them to your root and assign their channel rank.
    • You cannot move people from anywhere else on the server.
  • The Friend rank can be assigned to people who are not in your corporation but you still want to provide with access to your channels. It has the same permission level to join channels as the Member rank (30).

Corporation Icon/Logo

After several requests to add this feature for corporations other than WPK and NASA, we’ve added the option for corporations to display a logo both on their root channel and on each of their member using the server. Please note;

  • The icon has to be maximum 16x16 pixels and in .png format.
  • A transparent background looks nicest.
  • We reserve the right to reject logos based on their quality. They need to not be in your face or overly dominant.
  • Due to this working on a server group level, members have to be assigned one by one. This can only be done by GMs or Admins.
    • Once you have an accepted icon on the server, if there is a GM on-line on Teamspeak, ask them politely if they can add you / any other of your members which are on-line.
  • Due to the work involved, we unfortunately for the moment have to limit this functionality to the more known, stable and active corporations. Primarily this will apply to corporations ‘living’ on the server or having multiple individuals actively using it.

Applying for a Channel

  • Please contact EvilTactician or ZEIK.
  • Your corporation needs to be known, active and stable.
  • You need to have a good idea about the number of people which will be on-line, so we can discuss the best structure for your channels. We like a tidy server.



Unfortunately we are unable to accept the requests for channels from all corporations, in particular those with a very large number of members. There can and will be exceptions to this rule, but this is evaluated on a case by case basis. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this for your corporation.


The logo functionality is a privilege to enhance immersion, but due to the work involved - we cannot extend this privilege to everyone. Please understand this is not out of bias or a dislike for your corporation, but to keep the server manageable and tidy. Thank you for your understanding.



The server will now automatically move idle users to the Global AFK channel.


It also moves you 5 seconds after you set yourself to ‘away’. Please note that you will be moved back to the channel you came from upon your return - just toggle your away status, you don’t need to manually move yourself back.


This was done to maintain maximum available bandwidth for users who are actively using the server, rather than having idle/afk people using the bandwidth instead.


Additionally, the server will prevent the creation of certain offensive channels and usernames.

How would I get TeamSpeak? Is it free? Thanks! Happy Hunting!

Google for Teamspeak 3(Hell, I’ll even save you the trouble!)


And it is free to join channels & speak/chat on there. Not sure about any other (paid) functions though.

Google for Teamspeak 3(Hell, I’ll even save you the trouble!)


And it is free to join channels & speak/chat on there. Not sure about any other (paid) functions though.


And it is free to join channels & speak/chat on there. Not sure about any other (paid) functions though.

The client is always free in its entirety. Only commercial server hosting requires a paid license to be acquired by the server operator, but for the users it makes no difference.

100% free :slight_smile:


And we have free cookies.