Offensive Multipurpose Module - Dr. Device

Armada Engineers created an exciting new module system this past week! Combining alien pulse technology with the singularities they created the “Molecular Disruption Device” aka M.D. Device or Dr. Device. The attack feeds on itself creating a positive loop and self amplifies!

Once activated on a target it will deal damage then move on to the closest enemy ship within a certain range. It jumps from ship to ship every second. It will bounce back and forth between ships until those ships move out of radius. It must have 2 or more ships to keep going or it stops.


Energy Consumption - 400 points

Cooldown - 50 seconds

Starting Range - 1800 meters

Trigger Radius - 1200 meters

Damage - em - 975 is less than or equal to 75X + 225 (X equals number of seconds)

Interesting idea. I have no idea how it’d be implemented, though. Would the damage be applied upon the thing jumping into or out of a ship? 225 damage isn’t that much, and if you want to spread it across a group, it’s even smaller. It might be effective near beacons, and would definitely slow down or stop enemy capture progress, but then there’s so many enemies around, that no single one is really going to feel it that hard. Not only that, but you’d have no idea where it is, or if it’s already gone or not. It sounds a bit confusing, at the very least. And probably really popular with folks that like capturing beacons in large matches.


Perhaps making an unwilling enemy do a short, low damage pulsar could have the same effect. It’d help break up groups a bit. But it’d also be rather silly around beacons. T3 would probably be all over it, given the propensity for enemies to stick close together in large matches of any type.


I’m not really sure, and I’m definitely rambling, because I’m sleep deprived and sick. I’ll probably regret typing this later.

Anti-frigball mechanism +1


Should be put on the cov ops as a replacement for white noise, which quite frankly should be on an ECM by all logic

So, STO’s Isometric Charge? Quite interesting, but I rather see infinite bounces OP. Buff damage, make target limit, damage increase with every bumped ship.

Dr. Device works like this: I use module on target. Target receives damage and then transfers it on to another enemy ship which then receives damage.

New change: each transfer increases damage by 75 capable of doing up to 975 damage per second after 10 seconds. Considering no one moves…


Just change Plasma Web special ability to this.

Is this input forwarded to the developers gekaler?

thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs


Personally I am not fully convinced on this jumping plasma web, lets see

Might want to change the name or some little known author named Orson Scott Card, who wrote a book no one knows called “Ender’s Game”, which absolutely didn’t get a big budget Hollywood movie (barely any relation to the book, so it’ll be fine), might get it in his head to sue.

Shh… Just let it happen…

I looked at the name and just facepalmed. Could it be any more obvious to those that have read the book?..


Regardless, someone else came up with a similar idea last year or 2 years ago. It didn’t fly, until now.

Chain lighting. Nice. 
I suppose it will be good against inti swarm (before they get smart), but just a tickle to frigballs.

Do not sound OP vs Inti swarms, as they have the maneuverability to avoid it if they are smart, but I see no other use of it. Pulsar works better.

Pulsar stops eventually. Dr. Device has the power to keep going unless players move out of range of each other.

Pulsar stops eventually. Dr. Device has the power to keep going unless players move out of range of each other.

I must have misread it as lasting 10 seconds, but your suggestion is to cap damage at 10 seconds and still continue.

The idea is nice and perhaps we will add something like in the future.