Of missiles and ships

I had the idea in a different topic and thought that it might deserve its own.

I propose that all ships have a new attribute called “cartridge” or something of the sort and each different class, (inty, fighter, frigate,) has a different amount of ammo that they can hold at any given time.


Interceptor has 8

Fighter has 16

Frigate has 24

(Numbers can be changed)

Along with this we do away with cartridge reload times and ammo all together and make ammo “generate” slowly over time. So if you stockpile up a full load of missiles you can unload at will, but if you have none, you wait for the next one to come up. Ammo would just have a “generation time” stat instead of cartridge reload. Each time that the generation time passes, a new missile is put in your cartridge.


Ion beam warhead missiles III

Blast: 1190

Recharge: 6s

Radius: 75m

Range: 9240m

Speed: 899m/s

Maneuvring speed: 50 deg/s

Generation interval: 18s

In this example, you will have to wait 18 seconds between each reload, but on reload your stockpile is credited one missile for a max of 16.

Along with or aside from this system, I suggest that ammo not be restricted as it is now. What I mean is that ammo should follow a restrictive pattern like so:


Interceptors only can use class ammo and small ammo.

Fighters can use class ammo and small+medium ammo.

Frigates can do whatever they want because really. They’re frigates for crying out loud.

I don’t know why you opt second thread about unlimited missiles. This suggestion right now is just like increasing time between missiles and getting rid of catridge reloading time. I would even return to having multiple types of missiles with match-limited amount and no reloading to have them more tactical, than having them fired without fear you waste them. If you rely on missiles too much, then rethink your playstyle.

i always wondered why this kind of turret couldnt have a fast fire rate (except for middle missile launcher at captured dreadnought) or shoot all missiles at once. Missiles are pretty well balanced at the moment, but more types of them would really make the game richer, that is why this post was made :stuck_out_tongue:https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/28471-more-missiles-please/

Im dont support the idea of being able of stockpiling actual missiles to then fire them all together and obliterate the target…it would be just like doomsdays at T1-2 xD What i do support is new type of missiles with different reload/catridge functionalities…well balanced of course.

You misunderstand. I mean stockpile missiles, then unleash them all as they usually can be released.

idk, sounds abusable (like a command constantly firing ion beams to any heavy blaster frigate)…besides, i dont see much space in interceptors or fighters to stock missiles. But give me some time, im drawing a missile frigate (like the idea mecronmancer posted), wich should work with missiles only instead of main guns :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg I’d love a ship that was missile based instead of turrets. Have like 6 missile selections from medium and heavy. X3