Of course this is not now but later..

Have not played for a while, I see there have been some updates. Pretty good. Well what my suggestions are .

  1. We do need more variety for maps. Of course this a space mmo so space may not have that much variety. I already suggested cool “inside the Death Star” kinda of idea. I read the lore and it would make sense if we get maps based on the precursor constructions in space. Like We already do only MOAR :smiley:

  2. based on the lore again, btw good story IMO, I think there should be a overall “map” of the 1337. I don’t know how it can incorporated because to me it makes sense. I will try to come up with something about it.

  3. Many other games give bonuses to factions that are not as populated or are not doing so well, I think its safe to say we should add that too.

  4. It really depends on how far the game progresses and the popularity, btw is there a server in US? and campaign about the game too, but I think this could get open world if the people want it. But for now I like it how it is :smiley:

P.S. I pressed enter and the sentences don’t space out? that’s why everything is all together.

I eat most of my words about adding variety of maps :stuck_out_tongue: The shipyard and other is cool :slight_smile:

Hello and thanks for the feedback.

New maps will be added from time to time so there will be more maps in the future. ( We got a new map in the last patch).

Something like a faction my be added later, but this has a lower priority at the moment.

At the moment there is only one server, because it is still beta. I think it`s better to stick to one server for a bigger player base.

An open world system is not planned for now, but there will be PVE matches.

I hope you enjoy the game and don`t hit the asteroids.

I hope you enjoy the game and don`t hit the asteroids.

I hit those all the time :(, lol :smiley: