Object spawn effects/transition effects and other visual goodies

Well, since we’re suggesting simple visual suggestions I may as well throw my hat in the ring. There are multiple object spawns/despawns currently in PvE and Special Operations (raids) which have no form of effect or animation and instead simply “pop in”. Sooo here’s some potential effects/animation suggestions based loosely off of pre-existing stuff already in game.


  • Operation Monolith

Side objectives that use tracking station models (turret controller for example) could potentially use the current “teleport” effect when spawning in rather than popping in. This of course would need bloom tuned down since a larger model would likely cause issues with brightness but would be much cleaner and less jarring than it simply appearing out of nowhere.


Radar stations could use the “cargo ship” warp in effect, perhaps scaled up or simply be pre-existing upon loading in as such large objects are visible from the map when spawning.as currently they pop in just like other side objectives/primary objectives.


  • Ariadne’s Thread

The Signal Jammer side-objective could use the same suggestion as above and utilise the “teleport” effect upon pop in to seem less jarring to witnesses.


  • Destroyer

On shield up it could potentially mimic the reverse of the shield drop from Pirate Fort Raid or Crimson Haze (stage 1). Perhaps it could be sped up significantly (0.5-1 second could be a good time frame) and take damage during the animation.


  • Defiler

On Inverter spawn they could once again use the “teleport” effect used by wormhole generator but once again with prior suggestions would need some bloom adjustments.



Transition effects would be nice. Even perhaps some new ones for such objects