Numbering System for Squads

  1. Put a number to the left of every squad member in the squad window




  1. FlyingScorpion

  2. George

  3. xXxBL4CK4SS4SS1N3L1T3xXx

  4. Newbie123


  1. Instead of just green dots on the map/edges of the screen to show where your squadmates are, put a green number inside of a circle.


  1. Now when George says “HELP IM UNDER ATTACLK” - we know exactly where to go, the green #2.



Side option: Put numbers on the bombs. We already have bases labelled A, B and C. We if have numbers on the bombs we can effectively say “Enemy with bomb #2 is sneaking towards C, take him out!” and people will know which of the two bombs you are talking about.

I like this, It goes along nicely with my suggestion.

I was thinking the same thing Cyrigal. It would be very helpful, Scorp. 

I’d like my teammates to be marked on the scoreboard too. As it is, they are as white as everyone else.