Nuke Poll

Voice warning when a nearby friendly nuke is launched like the “Enemy destroyed” - “Same target, fire off a missile” etc. There could be one that that exclaims “Nuke deployed” in whichever suitable phrase - that friendlies within 3000~ or so will hear.

This way FF can be reintroduced, nukes can be used tactically and with discretion instead of outperforming the minefields role, and nearby friendlies will have time to move before the blast. The horn sound all nukes currently make does not differentiate friend or foe.


I figured this is quite a game breaker at the moment, and instead of complaining about it, which is justified, we could provide the devs with something more tangible.
I also figure seeing as the game is in beta, devs will happily listen to our feedback.
So please vote how you would like nukes to behave, and if you have any ideas feel free to share


:bomber:  - (clever me) 

Ideally it should be FF on … but griefing can be a problem.

There should be an option that is Friendly Fire off, but nuke with less blast radius

It’s a nuclear weapon. It should damage everyone and everything. And I think that if you launch it at the star that the star should triple in size for the remainder of the match.

Technically nuke has a very audible launch alarm sound. Problems are that it doesn’t carry very far (you need to be close to ship making the launch during launch to hear it) and that it doesn’t make any sound and is very hard to spot while in flight.

Another option that people forget is to use reduced damage FF e.g. Friendly fire deals 50% of the normal damage. To me it makes quite a good compromise between punishing fail and not causing too much grief when it does happen.



It’s a nuclear weapon. It should damage everyone and everything


I don’t buy comments that essentially say: We should do it because its realistic. It’s a slap in the face to everyone who wants fair, balanced game-play.

Luckyo, true but it does not differentiate between friend or foe nukes does it? So either way if I hear that sound its time to run away.


FF + 50% damage reduction is a good idea.


I’ll add both the above suggested choices to the poll, although it seems as though there is an ingame poll now which is unfortunately heavily for having no FF, but saying that I doubt people give it much thought before casting their vote ingame.

How about additionally marking the nuke on your HUD just the way other ships and bacons are marked? That is assuming that FF is on. It’s cool that they tell me that there is a nuke in 3km radius, but WHERE is it exactly?



I vote for option 2. People like me are still spamming nukes regardless since you can run away from it, pop diffusion shield, before you die, etc… There’s no need to worry for friendly fire and one can get ridiculously high kills thus most likely to win.

Dev please turn friendly fire ON like it used before for arcade mode so people like me will stop spamming.

No spam, no complain, no change.

I agree with Milfeulle, it’s annoying to see your enemies spam nukes and kill everyone trying, for example, to get a beacon, so team one ends with 10 kills and ther other team has 100% hull and shields because of this non existen friendly fire. Strong from Jerico can spam up to 9 nukes in the same game… and that’s insane for me, sure is a VIP ship, but that’s what I call pay to win, you pay 4k gold (or whatever is named the coin) and you have a premiun ship with no repair costs and 9 nukes…

Indeed, there are still plenty of people flying strongs spamming nukes and taking top score.

I like the second option and please give Strong back its nukes. At least some of it.

Just an idea for a quick and dirty fix; why not , when a nuke is on the field (launch → detonation), play the sound played when an EMP bomb is planted on a station in detonation gamemode? Play it in a radius (to be figured out by someone who knows more about using the damn things than me), and have people try to work out where the nuke is and get out of the radius before it goes critical.


All of this with some kind of friendly fire of course.