no logout during pve games

I suggest forbidding the logout of a player during a pve game. I see too much players who disconnects from the
beginning from the game so leaving his companions in trouble.

This is already implemented.  If you try to log out during a PvE game a big russian guy in a black suit shows up at your door and forces you to play through the rest of the game.

ha ha Codebot10032 if only it could be true.


I am afraid this will not work because players can still close the whole game if they do not want to play.

Sorry for bad section. yes but i think that can discouraged most and then the player will have it can be enough of relaunched the game non-stop and will finish round.

if someone quits out of a PVE match early, make each ship they had in the game have full damage when its usable again

I have experienced getting disconnected from a match that had only just begun. Feels bad, man. The fact that you will likely be unable to spawn after getting back in can make one feel sorry for his/her team mates. Especially if said team mates are not doing well for the duration of the mission stage.


Quitters are a whole 'nother story. I believe the ‘ships still in battle’ thing is penalty enough. Let them run out of patience.