No License Requirement for Squads 3 players and up


I started this game a day ago and really enjoy it.  My only suggestion (and question) is about the squad system.  I primarily play these kinds of games with friends, and I think a number of other people do as well.  I think that taking squad size limitations out of the whole licensing deal would be good.  Unless there is a specific balance reason as to why we’d need money/a license to play with larger groups of friends.  It just seems counter-intuitive, especially when this game is in beta; it allows for players to let more friends know about this game AND play with them in the beginning to get them eased into the whole system.  I started playing with a friend today, and called in one more, and we were a bit turned off by the requirement for a license.  We got a 3-day one with the starting Black Market funds that are given to each player, but the knowledge that our ability to play as a group of 3 is living on borrowed time is not really fun. 

Anyway, thoughts/comments on this?  I’ve only just started playing, so maybe there’s some reason we’re being capped in squad size.  But any discussion would be nice.

I’ve only just started playing, so maybe there’s some reason we’re being capped in squad size.

The reason is: money.

Well yeah that’s the only reason I can see, but it’s a double-edged sword in the sense that by limiting social aspects there’s a possibility that you’re discouraging prospective players.

I agree with this 100%. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to restrict squad size. at least so low as 3. 


MMOs are social interactions. being able to play with friends you find, or already know, is a big part of that experience. 


If this is really a big draw for money, it makes me worry about development content. IE: the content you’re making is so bad, you have to charge for basic things like being able to play with friends. 


Charging for inventory slots: understandable. Charging for color pallets and vanity skins: Understandable.


Charging to play with friends: ‘We hate our community and don’t want you to enjoy this game unless you pay us a lot of money.’ 


If this absolute must be included in the business model, it should be a slot that you can permanently unlock. 


But honestly, with the market as it is, and all the free games coming up. this will be extremely low on my list because of this specific reason. Why would I play star conflict when I can play Warframe? or Elder scrolls online? or Neverwinter? or League of Legends? 

I stopped playing WOT because of the limitations and gold was too expensive in that game


Luckily here i know others who to have premium

I stopped playing WOT because of the limitations and gold was too expensive in that game


Luckily here i know others who to have premium


WOT did have many limitations. so while it is successful, it’s very niche. it’s for people who want to pay for power. IE: I’m not very good at games. luckily i’ve found a game where i can use my money and look good. 


Gamers are a fickle lot. many feel entitled. so little things like this will prevent the hardcore crowd, the real backbone of any game, from investing too much. ‘you make me pay for something that should be a basic service? you don’t keep the customer in mind. you’re more worried about your bottom line. so i’m not going to play your game.’ 


There are much better ways to do this rather than with a liscence. if something as basic as this is considered to need a transaction, it should be a one-time transaction. it really doesn’t make sense to make you pay to play with your friends. 

The cost is nothing basicly, 10€/month or 35€ for 6 months and some leftover GS aswell.


I will gladly support an awesome game like this.

I have just posted my worrys over this in another thread elsewhere. forcing people to pay to team up with friends is a barrier to the game and barriers like this are not good economy. they say one of two things 1. We are worried about you wanting to pay for things that you dont have to. or 2. We think our game is so far above or apart from other games our players will accept the gouge just to play our game.


Now Star conflict is good but its not out of sight of other games on the market ATM be that LOL, PS2 or Mechwarrior Online. So that makes me think they are worried about us not buying stickers, alternate loadouts (something i don’t think they considered yet, missle boat anyone?), time savers, garage slots etc…


one of the reasons i took a break from MWO was that they brought in paint and you had to pay real money to apply it but then did not get to keep that scheme/colour if you changed and had to buy again to change back.(edit) this has now been fixed


Give your players something the feel is value for money and they will buy it. Force your players to buy something essential to play the game, especally if not a one time purchase, and you just scare them off

Do not forget about the people of other countries. The average John Doe of Polish He has 30 PLN in the phone. 1 euro for him is for PLN 4, of which it must pay 20 PLN for the lowest offer 5 euros, and it is only in order to purchase a license and play more with friends. I think that it not profitable do such limits in the area do not pay / paying for it may destroy the balance a little bit in the game and fun to play. It is better to disable this limits the creation of teams for people without a license and upload these to improve the skins for vehicles, paintings, or even change the appearance of the interface than do limitations. Let paying faster increase your level, reputation and things like that, but from affecting the game balance better stay away.

The overall setup of the game is a bit awkward. Charging for Vanity is acceptable, as is charging for convenience. IE: boosts, stickers, color pallets, ship slots, etc. 


Pretty much everything we buy is instant. A good way to get people to burn standards is to introduce some waiting. buy a new ship? ok, you just commissioned it to be built. you don’t’ get it instantly, you have to wait for engineering to finish building it. The same could be done of weapons. if you want things for free, you’ll have to be patient. or you can support us and pay for it. 


Things like this are acceptable, and almost expected. heck, throw in some ‘crafting materials’ that are required from specific game modes to add additional time cost, and add an option to buy ships outright with standards. Charing players to start a guild/corp is also understandable. convenience fees like this are very acceptable and understandable by almost everyone. 


Things that will turn off players and alienate the player base in terms of P2W and F2P is that currently you can buy more powerful weapons and ships with standards. This is a hugely negative experience in almost any game. With the exception of exclusive content (Steam DLC, Seasonal items, or founders items as an example) and vanity options, all content should be accessible for free. it might take a long time to gt it for free, but it should be obtainable for free. Seasonal items act as a reward for loyalty. As do DLC/Founders items. Giving these players a little extra power is acceptable, provided it’s not too over the top. 


Charging for more powerful weapons and ships will only hurt the game in the long run. it will force it into a niche market spot. if the developers want the game to be more than that, you cant’ restrict power or basic services (such as playing with friends) with pay options. 


Almost no-one will invest in the game immediately. most people will try the game out, for like say a week, and then decide ‘this is worth my investment of time. I can put some cash down.’ if you can hook a group of 3 or 4 people, that’s better. but if a group of 3 or 4 friends hops in, and sees they are forced to pay to play with eachother, they will move on and find a game that will actually let them try the game before they make the investment. Essentially the game is a lost cause because it outright refuses to facilitate and support its own players. 


Furthermore, The competitive nature of the game is lost. If you pay money, you will always have an advantage. While you might argue that IRL competitive sports you can buy better equipment, this is different. as gamers are equipment is our setup that runs the game. Our mouse, keyboard, etc. we’ve already made these purchases. Buying power within the game is similar to buying off the ref/umpire or taking steroids. all of which is highly illegal in the competitive world. As competitive gaming and e-sports has evolved, you can see that these kinds of features are not implemented. There’s a reason for this. Adding these kinds of features dooms the game to a niche market. no matter how good it is, it will never be able to break out of that niche. 


Now, I understand perfectly that Gaijin Entertainment is not a large development company. It’s not like Riot games or other companies that have investers and what not. it’s essentially an indy game. However this is not an excuse for poor player support and poor business modeling. if anything, it means you need to be smarter and more dedicated to attract players away from the larger studios. Much like real-life, you can’t rely on hardwork alone. your reputation and word-of-mouth will bring you more success on average than just being good at what you do. 




There is one major pattern in the successful F2P cash market games. The game supports the players. Understanding this, the players will want to support the game.


The model of selling power and basic services in cash shops is Archaic. it worked several years ago, but the market has evolved too much for this to be feasible outside of a niche market. This removes both the casual and competitive nature of the game, and therefore reduces the playerbase. Right now when I look at the pay options, it’s for powerful items and what should be basic services. so the game is Pay to Win. These games have not been successful outside of niche market positions for a long time. 

Yeah! Onisake! You’re absolutely right! We need more people with that attitude.

well said, but the games not pay to win yet but its walking a fine fine line, and losing customers, its still an awsome game, I love it and I cant see whats next I dont mind investing but please please do not make the mistake of becoming P2W it would break my heart

well said, but the games not pay to win yet but its walking a fine fine line, and losing customers, its still an awsome game, I love it and I cant see whats next I dont mind investing but please please do not make the mistake of becoming P2W it would break my heart


Currently the premium options are equivalent to the next tier. IE: The tier 1 pay frigate is roughly equivalent to the tier 2 frigate. It’s not super game breaking, as matchmaking appears to put you in like-tier matches. 


In my experience, and I understand both that there is a ‘luck’ factor to this and it is expected, when I was in Tier 1 and Tier 2 matches the pay ships were generally dominating. The bad thing is, it generally takes two tier 1 ships or more depending on skill, to take on a tier 2 ship. I’ve seen a skilled tier 2 premium fighter take on 2 to 3 tier 2 frigates in a couple of matches. It won’t make as big a difference at higher tiers, as people have gotten used to the game, and being against a ship one tier above you wont’ be an issue for a highly skilled players. but for similar skilled matchups or, worst case scenario, you’re against someone better than you in a better ship you will always lose. 


IMO the pay to win isn’t as fine as it may seem. the pay options do give a fairly large boost, and in skilled hands it can be quite devastating. 


I think pay options are great. but they have to be options. all ships and weapons should really be obtainable for free. I understand we can get a few standards for free, but the rate at which you get them is a little too low to be worthwhile. I’d rather see this ‘perk’ go away completely in favor of providing the basic services to players that are sorely required. 


Key points I really want to make:


  1. we really need to be able to play with our friends in squads greater than 2 without having to pay. If we do have to pay, it should be a permanent unlock and not via liscence. Ideally the pricepoint of each slot should be roughly half of w/e you free standards you start with. 250 or 275. can’t remember if you start with 500 or 550. 


  1. all ships, with the exception of founders items, seasonal items, or DLC exclussives, should be available via credits. 


  1. more cash convenience options need to be integrated. wait times when buying ships/weapons, with an option to ‘buy immediately’ with cash. additional time factors could be added as well, such as needing certain materials (scrap engine parts from winning and looting, etc.) to make ships/weapons could further incentivize pay options. but simply adding in ways to get everything for free really shows the developers support the players and want to make the game fair and fun. without this the game is forever doomed to be niche. 


  1. There are very few vanity options. Ship color  customization is another good pay option that can be integrated as well as skins for things like missles, weapons, torpedos, etc. Having a bright pink ship that shoots rainbows and flowers is appealing to some people. (Example, don’t panic and get caught up on ships shooting rainbows)