if this is the wrong section for this sorry and if could, could a mod move it if it is.   guess my in-game name is offensive to some i dont know why its my wifes name o.O but what ever it made my wife smile for the short time that i had it … but if i could get it changed back to the name before i would really appricate that, just dont want to go through this everyday cuz of my name. i would not be so upset about changing it if it was something i made a mistake on but… i didnt and dont really wanna spend my own money (3k standards) to change a name cuz some kid thought that he would report it cuz i told him to stop spamming…

Support link is at the top. But reword that a bit and add some paragraphs so it becomes understandable.


the name Leia is not against the rules, but the other words you combined with it are.
Please read the [rules](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/8916-game-server-code-of-conduct/) carefully before you choose another nickname.

Your nickname has been resetted and you can choose a new name now.




huh? do you even know what it means? my WIFE tells me to do something all the time and i tell her “i did i did” reason for the name “I did Leia” (it was a inside joke between me and her), after a moment of thinking about it and reading what you wrote you guys have a sick mind, please not everyones mind is in the gutter like it seems yours are. ty for insulting me and my wife. hope it seriously made your day