New Weapons and Ship Weapon Lock

I would like to see more weapons for each ship combat role types(example of ship roles: LRF, GUARD, ENGI) like the eclipse launcher for the engineers, also maybe an EM weapon that’s exactly the same as the assault railgun only opposite does EM instead of kinetic no stat changes really other then damage properties and visual changes, not really a fan of kinetic style weapons or thermal more of an EM type fan person so just an idea.


Here’s another idea I would like to see a new EM weapon for fighter or frigate or both that is a bit similar to both the coil mortar and the singularity cannon or a rework of the singularity cannon.

My new idea of a new singularity([black hole generator]could be name for new weapon if want) EM weapon fires black mini electrical spheres [black sphere projectile with electricity spiking out or surrounding the sphere projectile] in succession to each weapon barrel like the coil mortar with a high or low RoF with maybe a quick overheat like the eclipse launcher.


Spheres can pass ships damaging those it passes through or if not a good idea (cooler idea)>instead it can when projectile impacts any surface, ship hull, shields, asteroid, etc. it explodes creating a mini slowing damaging field. [explosion area could have a small void at center of field sucking in light or something but not so much so to avoid obscuring players visions too much plus field should only last a few seconds and not too long] 

* Field/explosion radius no larger than 75m or 50m> (DEVs should start it off this way unless you think not many people will get mad if larger radius).  Field does a very weak slowing affect (so it wont slow down target much but a little bit) and causes minimal damage 15-100dps EM dmg, this make it closer to an actual singularity weapon.


(Slowing and damage overtime due to pressure on hull and gravitational pull of a singularity/black hole trying to suck you in, this is how a singularity weapon should be like more but I gave low damage and weak slowing field based on this is for a game and needs some fun not just pure reality or it’ll be OP of like killing you instantly but as I’ve given its not.) :3


* Base damage of 4 turrets about 1300dmg or 6 turrets 2000dmg EM type, one turret only does 333dmg so 4 turrets is 1332dmg about 1300dmg, 6turrets is 1998dmg about 2000dmg. (I’m not sure what the RoF should be at the moment as I don’t want the turrets all firing at same time but like coil mortar in succession to each other though for the moment maybe 2 rounds per second so that’d be 666dps or 4rounds of 1332dps.) 

* Range about 2500-3100m or 4000-5100m (without implant-with implant) depending if for fighter or frigate.

* Critical chance 7% critical dmg 50%,

* Projectile speed no less than 1600m/s but not too fast so maybe no more than 5500m/s max.

* Spread being the same as coil mortar of 1.5 current version gameV0.11.5 or starting a bit more accurate then getting a bit of spread overtime like 0.5-2.0deg. or 1.0-2.5deg.


I based this stuff mostly from tier II and III weapons mounted on a ship not store which im guessing tells damage but of a single turret. (store shows base damage of one turret then multiplied by the number of turrets mounted on ship so Heavy Blaster from store tier III is 140base dmg for one turret, mount it on ship of 4 turret placements it’s about 560 though game says 559 and this is just my guess of how it works for now.)


(RoF= rate of fire, DMG= damage, DPS= damage per second, M/S= meters per sec, M= meters, DEG= degrees/arc) For those who don’t know what these are.


So here’s an idea hope its appealing enough cause I sure would like it in game, it’s not OP as some may think just at first glance I’ve looked at the states of other weapons in game based this ones states according to what I’ve seen and such so it’s more or less within balanced states compared to others so hoping DEVs take it into some consideration would like it on fighter or frigate or even better both with minor differences as stated.  Here’s hoping to help make better and funner game:3



I’ve edited this a bit to better my idea and as to hopefully allow an easier read but I cant change the format-font, size, etc. for some reason so this is all I can do for now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Always Ok for new weapons. 

Mixing weapon is another story. It used to be like that, and not really balanced. 

Because I don’t want to get shot at by 6 plasma bolts going about 9000 meters PS from about 3200 meters away, I’m gonna say no.


BTW statistics would balance that one of the six bolts would crit.


I would like to see new weapons.


I don’t mean turbo blasters. I mean something new. Like we got from the christmas special… That was a ton fun. I hate dancing pit crews though, little xxxxxxxx. I don’t even remember the Robots working. There aren’t any unions in space! Certainly not any robot unions.

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Lol that’s why I said adjustments for balancing mixed weapons though at the same time it also comes to the target since not everyone has the same resist, that’s the biggest difference not always the weapons, the RF blaster is in some aspects the same as the heavy blaster for the frigates, some differences being RF blaster is an EM type so a bit more damage to shields and more depending to your resist so some shields can drop really fast however it then usually takes much longer then for the hull as it’s the part that usually has a pretty high EM resist, were the heavy blaster is the balance of EM, and Kinetic so in a way they will still finish the target at same time, there is also the part were the more guns on the ship the more damage they dish out dew more bolts flying out but really that can still be adjusted for balance, I know this partly cause I’ve done this on a few none online type games moded them to be similar cause I didn’t like the looks or something of the other gun, it’s just the time and testing to get it there which isn’t all that hard if they really wanted too they could make it so at the end both weapons can finish the guy off at exactly same time just bye adjusting RoF, dmg, and projectile speed, difference again why that may not happen is the resistances for each individual is different, plus the type of ship, your maneuvering, size, and how accurately the guy shooting is, not the gun as they can be adjusted to finish a stationary target with same amount of resistances at same time.

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And also, holy cow man, use some periods. I’m having to spend like an extra five minutes reading your walls of text because my eyes keep skipping over bunches of it.


Weapons are locked on to ship types for a reason. They’re all built for the ship types they’re locked to. Interceptor weapons have high spread, making interceptors good at close ranges but terrible at long ranges, as the interceptor class ought to be. Fighter weapons are the most diverse, making fighters more versatile, as the fighter class ought to be. Frigate weapons deal lots of damage, but each has its own weakness, making frigates more specialized, as the frigate class ought to be.


As for your new weapon? I really have no idea. The stats are all over the place, as well as amazingly vague.

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Ya sorry if it hard to read but I couldn’t change the (Font, Size, etc.) for some reason so everything’s a bit bunched up and hard to read instead of what I wanted it to be.


And no I don’t think I was vague on the states other than because of the format making it hard to read ( for example about the range the digits 2500 before the minus symbol ( - ) was the range if u didn’t have the implant that increased range, the digits 3100m was if u did have the implant on for increased range,

so ranges 2500m-3100m was for if the weapon was on a fighter class ship, and ranges 4000m-5100m was for if it were mounted on frigates. 


The reason also why I gave this ranges and other states maybe two examples for fighter or frigate is because I’m leaving it to the developers if they decide to add my new weapon to decide which ship they want it for Fighter or Frigate or both but unlikely both.


Now I’ve space this a bit so hopefully its easier for u to read this.


Oh ya I did post my topic somewhere else should I delete it?

I deleted the doubled topic - please avoid creating two or more topics on the same


Regarding weapons: there are already ship-specific weapons and the balancing of all weapons is sth under the radar of the Devs


Your input is appreciated but it may disturb the balance (and I know its not perfect atm)


But this is why this game is a beta and there are still more changes to come

i have one.

kinteic weapoon that haz 2sec heathing time and 4 sec cooling time and fires bursts of hard potatoes that kinda hurt… good for short burst firing, but sucks if it gets overheated. :stuck_out_tongue: then you have some fries…just dont forget the ketchup