New Weapon System

What if you wanted to have 2 different types of turrets on your ship so it fits different purposes?


Here is what i propose.


Have 2 weapon slots.


Suppose you are in an Interceptor. Have an RF Blaster in one and a Shrapnel Cannon in the other. You can’t use both at once because targeting would get messed up so press CTRL to switch between weapons. 


Suppose you are in a Fighter. You have four weapon turrets. 2 of each for each weapon type.


Suppose you are in a LRF you have six weapon turrets. 3 of each for each weapon type.


You are able to switch between weapons for a certain purpose maybe like use a laser against a slow moving frigate or use a kinetic weapon against a ship with no shields. The only draw back is you can’t employ all weapon turrets at the same time.


Tell me what you think.



we had this a long time ago, or at least sth similar.


Your proposal would make every weapon much weaker.


The point why this have been removed is that you cant predict or adapt the dmg coming in.

And on a later stage everyone is going to the same damage.


The current setup is much easier to understand

so newbies can enjoy more than checking weapons.


And the switching of weapons would not work, This is why there is hull and shield.

Your proposal would eliminate the necessarity of this.


I hope you got my point

Feel free to drill down more detail if required

Like gekaler said there was similar system.

Ammo could change dealt dmg type if i remember correctly it was:

Em -> Kinetic

Kinetic -> Thermal

Thermal -> Em