New weapon ideas

This game needs serious weapon additions. The lack of choice and the strong situational benefits one gets from choosing one or the other type of weapon is limiting the pleasure one can get from playing. For starters in the beginning of the game, any weapon could be fittet to any ship. My suggestion is that there should be a close, medium and long range weapon of each type. For example a close range rapid fire plasma cannon with a HUGE spread or quick overheat would greatly suit a fighter type ship. On the other hand a long range laser with small dmg output would be horrible for an interceptor type, but i feel like players should be able to make that mistake on their own and start getting some individuality of their play style. How about adding a new type of weapons, perhaps borrowing some ideas from other universes such as Star Trek (a slow fireing laser-like projectile that fires in burst but deals medium ammount of damage called phaser, or perhaps a medium sized projectile, smaller than the singularity weapon but firing faster and dealing less damage called Photon smth would not be such a bad idea). Or perhaps Star wars universe where blasters exist. 
The ammount of possibilities are endless and thus i create this topic for people WITH IDEAS! Please post your suggestions like this:

Photon repeater T1 Mk1
Type: Medium ranged Photonic weapon

Damage: 100

Rate of fire: 150


Works like the scraped rapid fire plasma cannon only can overheat quickly (2.5/1.00) or have a HUGE ammount of spread (0.3-10)

This is just an example although a valid idea as well. Feel free to comment and share your ideas :slight_smile: