New uncharted sectors

Would their be new undiscovered sector maps that may be under pirate control  that would be a very hard challenge open for Corporations to claim and control. These new sector would have large scope of very rare artefacts and loot available

I like it… Defiantly something the Admins should do. 

Maybe they should add a new battlefield? It is a bit boring only have 1 battlefield with some lava spines, Maybe they should add black holes?

Maybe they should add a new battlefield? It is a bit boring only have 1 battlefield with some lava spines, Maybe they should add black holes?

How about in-warp / subspace fights with altered physics? :slight_smile:


What about non-corp players? Any thoughts? I’d like to dive my trolling face in a swarm of pirates yelling momma jokes at them.

I was about to propose a similar idea, but I decided I would just post it under here since it is the same concept.
Rather than just simply adding more sectors, my suggestion has 6 basic parts.
My suggestion is that: 

  1. More sectors would be added to the map 
  2. Each sector would be divided into “sub-sectors” (for lack of a better word)
  3. Each sector would produce a certain type of resource for crafting 
  4. Individual players or squads would participate in PvE battles for the “sub-sectors” 
  5. The amount of “sub-sectors” owned would decide who controlled the sector
  6. Each “sub-sector” would generate a certain amount of the given crafting material over time (perhaps PvE difficulty could be based upon how much of a certain material was produced in a given “sub-sector”)

Perhaps “supply lines” could be introduced, so that you have to own the sectors leading back to your home sector in order to transport the materials, or something like that. Anyway, just an idea. I thought I would run it by the Star Conflict user base and see what people thought…

How about in-warp / subspace fights with altered physics? :slight_smile:


Hot damn. I want this, no matter how screwed up combat in a subspace environment turns out.


I’d imagine it’s like fighting in a rapidly flowing river. There would hardly be any objects (and in turn, natural cover), but everything’s in constant motion, so players would be hard pressed to hit anything. What kind of madman would put beacons here? Every battle would be a battle to the death.

Let’s say an important ship could enter subspace and gets attacked. Double match, once a team attacks, the other defends and after a set time (it reaches safety) or ship is destroyed teams switch positions. Time must not exceed per total the average PvP timer (12 mins, so 6 mins for each team) (see Descent Freespace 1 where you are sent to destroy the capital ship Lucifer in subspace).


IF it is to be beacons, then those beacons could be set inside subspace in still positions to mark important nodes, research site or something else so that’s why you would want to capture and hold them. Stations could have the same objective and you want to take out the enemies’ stations in detonation to keep the area for yourself. On the same principle of research or exploration for your faction you come across an enemy search fleet and you wanna take them out in combat recon. It’s fairly easy to do it.

For crazy mechanics in subspace see the endgame of ‘Nexus: The Jupiter Incident’ where you basically try to fly from beacon to beacon in subspace, fight there and do stuff without doing any mistakes to get sucked in a black hole that is connected to earth through several wormholes for certain reasons. Speed differs greatly, inertia is a boomer, weapons react chaotically etc.


If we are at the crazy chapter, how about these 2:

  • maps  among solar coronas (you know, those immense arcs of plasma that rise from stars) and try not to get hit

  • maps split in nodes by active wormholes - basically 2-3-4 maps in one where you can’t see the other sides unless you travel to a connection node to open a wormhole and transport you there (pretty much like Abandoned Outpost, but it’s not warping and you cannot simply fly from one place to another unless you use the nodes and teleport to the others) - this should improve team communication because players WILL HAVE TO tell their team what’s happening in each node (see the Descent: Freespace 2 nodes for example - you get this huge marked sphere on your hud only which marks a wormhole node, you cannot see it in space so you use your ship’s sensors / cartography systems to see it - some missions REQUIRE you to activate your jump drive INSIDE these or you fail, like when you visit the Shivan home systems in the mission ‘In The Lion’s Den’)


Now how about racing in space? :smiley:

… just kidding …

I really like the game mode suggestions and uncharted sector suggestion.


It /would/ be pretty cool to show off blackened out or ‘mystery’ sectors that can be ‘found’ and fought over through a player triggered event. OR it could be randomized, where if you queue up with a squad of your own corp you have a chance of ending up in one of these new sectors. This would probably work out better with some sort of open world that allows you to physically find the sectors. Otherwise its either random chance or just mouse clicking a blank sector. Hmmmmm.