New Technologies

Was looking at some conceptual problems in the game, like shield mod not supporting armor, and visa versa.



So i came up with a few concept technologies.



Shield Mod

Repair Matrix - Reduces shielding strength by 27.5% - 33.5%. Reduces cool down of hull repair

by 4, 5, 6,7 seconds.


Damage circuit - Increases damage of weapons by 10-12% By reduces shield regeneration by 16-20%.


Armor Mod

Cystaline Armor - 30% of damage done, is returned to shielding. reduces shield strength by 5.5-7.5%


Passive Slot

Improved Scanner - Increases sensor range by 15-35%



Tachyon Sensors - Detects cloaked ships in sensor range, but reduces ship sensor range by  30-50%.


Capacitor Mod

Reload Matrix- Decreases the time it takes for overheated weapons to cool by 22-28%. Reduces energy recharge by 15-20%.