New special modules for secret projest ships.

To be honest, at the moment secret project ships special modules are… not OP xD


This should be fixed, because they need to stop ellydium invasion.



  • Cyning - controlled warp -  Microwarp engine with enabled turn.
  • Mjolnir - No idea (Damn, why, I love gunships…), improving wardens overdrive would be nice.
  • Kraken - Ace snipe - Aiming disinterator with 1/3 dmg of standard.


  • Peregrine - Nanoprecision laser - firing ultra-thin powerfull laser beam at sight position. Faster reload than plasma web and high instantly damage.
  • Jaguar - Magnetic field - Slowing down all ships in range in passive mode. In active mode pushing all ships in range.
  • Octopus - Liquid metal ball - When activated, firing liquid metall ball at sight position and healing ally’s hull.


  • Caltrop - Stun Wave - Stunning enemies in range for 2x times more than Tachyon Cocoon.
  • Saw One - Wavy Shield - Releasing deflecting EM waves which decreasing damage to allies and making you invulnerable for 2sec. Damage decreasing depends on distance from you. Fast reload.
  • Ronin - Protection shield - When activated, your shield expanding and increasing resistance to all damage types. Allies can easily hide into it.


I think you know what mean Ace…

Added for review.