New ships

cant star conflict creat new ships for games and new weapons such as alien weapons new activ modules,cpu,hull,shield,capciator e.t.c 


We need to wait for the Developers and their feedback. Be patient.

Game will probably be released in 2015, at least officially or never…

I am sure we will get new content soon.

hmmm but new ships will be good like titans in eve online which is way larger than command and guard long range and minning laser minning ship more slots for minning in ships graphic are good but it will be more like eve online more new maps more new design attacked sectors maps space jump to other sectors engine make more planets and one planet will own 10 stations too much long way to there  200k m way to other station and new speed to jump to other station like hydro drive more asteroid p.s

there will be more ships to come, but maybe not what you suggest here.


We will NOT copy eve or any other game as we create our own.


We try the best to implement them soon - be patient and enjoy the upcoming changes

cant wait to see that 

Wait and see :wink: