New Ships and Ship Tree

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First of all you can kill me in game for my unforgivable english speaking (i’m french)


I understand the ship tree, but why we can’t maximise T1 ships up to Tier 5?

This game is awesome, the devs do a great work for that, but we can help them by giving feedback on what they do, or some great ideas to implant in the game.


 Look at the ship tree, see 1/3 of the ships who are the same model, and a half useless: Why create the first ship T1? You play with it for 5 min and then got the second: rank 2 , and you will never play again the rank 1. I remember when i play with my rank 1 ship at the beginning, i was so excited! And i fell sad, that you can’t do anything with this ship…


I imagine a way so you can lvl up your ship rank 1 up to tier 5.



-When you open your ship tree, you see all the ships sort by roles.

-The price and the requirements are not changed

-Unlock a T1 or T4 (for exemple) ship and you begin at this rank with this ship

-Access to greater rank with a ship give you more slot for engine/capacitor/shield/hull

-Give Fox a hunter

-Only one model of a ship but with three special module (the same as they actually have)



This way, or may be another, all the ships could be usefull. And if you’ re in love with “that ship” you can carry him to the top tier! (and no say about the fellings of killing a dev with a poor little beginners ship! eurocard/mastercard can’t buy this! ;D

  1. This should go into suggestion section.


  1. I dont like your idea. Instead i like how system works for T1-2: you quickly level up the ship and access the next one, preventing getting stuck with a basic ship for too long. This works as introduction, gradual progression (more content) and sense of “growing” (i couldnt find a better word sry). Imagine your very first ship takes long to level enough to buy next…god i still have about 10 more ships to level that will take way more time just to reach the top ship in a single role line!. On the other side, feels much more realistic to have different ships with different capabilities and a lot more fresh to obtain new ships, instead of “upgrading” the same old space junk.

This game is awesome, the devs do a great work for that, but we can help them by giving feedback on what they do, or some great ideas to implant in the game.


This should go into suggestion section.

Indeed. Now it is.

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I would get really bored playing the same ship! The current type of progession forces you out of your comfort zone and into new ships with different bonuses and module layouts, albeit with similar roles. 


Also nothing stops you from going back to fly lower rank ships every now and then! Don’t forget, for every ship you get to maximum synergy, you get 1% added to you Fleet Strength (the number at the top middle of your statistics window) which in turn gives you a 1% bonus to synergy gained in ALL battles. This may seem small, but it all adds up and gives you a reason to fly lower rank ships, even after you have unlocked the next rank

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I know that would be bored to play T1 ship too much longer, but who say: you must do this? I’m just saying (not sure of that grammar…) that a possibility to carry a ship to max tier can be cool, hard but cool.


the players can just move quickly t2 on another ship, or lvl up their t1.


You will rarely see, for exemple, a T1/2/3 ship in OS. Only the fools (or Dieux maitre de l’univers qui fait exploser son cosmos) try to complete mission with, or kill pirates.


The fact is, in my opinion, some works (on ships) are wasted by this, why i would buy a premium ship tier 2 or 3? cause i love his design but i can’t do hard missions with or go to fort muerto with…anyway i love this game since my beginnig in 1859 :slight_smile: and much more with tha addition of open space!

Each ship is different from all others and pretty unique. That’s what Star Conflict was based on. There’re actulay two ways for building such systems: Several fully customised ships, which would be upgraded to the endgame; Or dozens of ships, everyone of them is special. We decided to chose the second option back in the days, it’s much more flexible and variative, and perfectly fits f2p game. 

Katana is one of the coolest models imo

EDIT: i meant the machete…it looks really bad xxxx from the back and the sides

I 've posted something similar in some place.


I preffer one type of every ship design and then you upgrade that ship.


The faction ship line could be there. You unlock the ship designs from level 1 to level 15.

Also you could unlock the modules, weapons and stuff bettween the levels


Level 15 ships has all the module slots and level 1 ships has the option to unlock all the modules slots untill fit to level 15 ships.


This way one can choose the ship you like to…and noone is forced to go with an ugly ship.

Maybe an option to make a cosmetic override option? Ie: you can spread GS to give an Empire Gunship the model of any other Empire Gunship?

Maybe an option to make a cosmetic override option? Ie: you can spread GS to give an Empire Gunship the model of any other Empire Gunship?

There must be a possibility to visualy confirm enemy’s ship.

There must be a possibility to visualy confirm enemy’s ship.

That’s not been true for a long time. Ever since the option to repaint ships, the idea of requiring visual confirmation has gone out of the window.


The only remaining visual clue is whether or not someone has been stupid and brought a ship that is too low-level for the match. But most players don’t seem to be factoring in visual confirmation beyond “is that a frigate, fighter or interceptor?” The only problem areas arise where you have the potential to include older ships in the same lineup. Sadly, the ship has probably sailed on fixing that design flaw.


The other workaround would be a localised change, showing the original ship to opposing players, but letting the local player see their preferred ship model.

Why devs see a problem with the option to upgrading any ship.

That is the perfect situation for a game.


This way all the ships could be in every rank, letting the player to choose which ship to upgrade.


Its a little work for the devs, but then, if they do it…its all done and ready to go!

Bring back low tiers back to life is awesome idea - i love it! But as CinnamonFake said “every ship is special”. So what happens to low tier ship if you over-synergy it?

Here’s an option: instead of adding modules (and just making it equal to high tier - meh, No!) you get:


  1. Hull+shield strength improve.

  2. lvl 12, lvl 15, 20  and 25 (wee why not?) over-synergy bonuses

  3. effective match making tier adjusted

  4. option to go into battle either as over-synergy (need better name for this:P) or as regular max synergy ship regular tier 

Its a little work for the devs

Unfortunately, it isn’t. Every ship then should be ballanced to fly on every tier, including all possible builds. It’s like more that 10 times bigger job than SC itself, in other way ships will no longer be unique with characteristics.

The ships doesnt need to be ballanced, at least is what I think.

Its allready done, based on the existing ships.

For example, if someone upgrades a ship from level 6 to level 7, that ship now will have the characteristics of an existing level 7 ship.

Lets say, its only a diferent exterior for the existing ships.

The player has to spend time for synergy in every level. And maybe more time for more synergy than the actual.


That ships will still be unique if the player chooses to leave them in that initial level.

Sorry, cant find the perfect explanation.


But…if this is going to happen.

The only addition to the game is the option to buy more than one ship of the same initial level.

Right now you only can have one AXE.


For example, the player buys 3 AXE.

One of them upgrades with the max synergy of level 1 (just the existing game)

Then decides to upgrade another one from 1 to level 3 (AXE to AXE X S)  

Then the other one until level 14. (hard work, but possible)

For me, with this addition…


…the game gets a perfect progresion.

“The ships doesnt need to be ballanced, at least is what I think.”


I disagree. Ruining balance = ruining fun. It is a lot of work - just adding basic params will not compensate for more modules higher ships have!  


Its new kind of balance. I do think its a lot of work. But this is suggestion section - who knows what comes next to SC? 


Flying Axe-X again when its tweaked and boosted could be fun…