New ship development. Have your say!


Pilots! UMC reports that our scientists improved the manufacturing technology of Ellydium ships and now can use it to upgrade ordinary ships! But to introduce the upgrade, a global reconstruction of the shipyard is necessary.


The technology involves combining the same type of ship into one, but with flexible modifier settings.


Here is a prototype of what an upgrade branch for ordinary ships might look like:



Tell us, would you like to see improved versions of silver ships with individual settings for modifiers and bonuses in your hangar?

YAAAAAAAAAS. We’ve only wanted this since the concept for ship rank modification was suggested for ellydium ships.


I want to rank up Styx, Nyx, Nightingale, all the R1 ships, Reaper, Hawk-M, Tormentor AE, and probably a bunch of others that I can’t remember atm.


Upon looking at the gif and reading a little closer I realize this is not what we meant.


But I guess as long as the ships can keep using the unique modules it’s fine.

If this isn’t an obscene resource sink or something in the endgame 

1 hour ago, Deelena said:

But to introduce the upgrade, a global reconstruction of the shipyard is necessary.

Okay I’m assuming this is going to be something needed to be constructed and not available right out the gate - so to an extent an endgame goal for standard ships.

If it isn’t a gigantic resource sink like the rank 15 ze’ta branch there is nothing wrong with this.


I feel like I should add more to this post rather than run my thoughts through the discord.


So just for note form:

-The system should be opt it to avoid overcomplicating the new player experience

-If it’s as expensive as the rank 15 branch of Ze’ta then it can f*ck right off

-The stat ranges of ships (base stats) shouldn’t be too far from the original ships

-Ships with this enabled on should be locked to higher ranks (9+) to avoid older players rolling low tier content unintentionally whilst levelling ships


And then thinking over new player progression with this in place.

The current system is more linear however. If you load up the game for the first time and you’re faced with an Ellydium branch for your Hercules, Harpy and Dvergr it’ll be far more complicated than current.

Depends on the extent of the system however, right now is a “should we or shouldn’t we” on the system.

So now my train of thought just says:

Put it on the test server, see how the community reacts then ask again


Other concerns and thoughts on this extend to flexibility of playstyle. I’ve seen some people saying that this ship “merge” is irreversible which if true is not good as some players like to have multiple of the same ship family equipped at once for diversity in builds and for the “portals” game mode (I’ve never done portals personally).


Thinking over the past few point has slight concern rising for me personally and some doubt to my previous reaffirmed “yes” for the system as I’m also one of those players who like to have multiple of the same ship family equipped at once. 

However I want there to be a point to low rank ships and to the low rank uniques like Razor, Joker and Shark. Perhaps move this system to unique ships or move some premium uniques/DLCs to a new type of ship tree where this system is in place and compensate owners of the previous versions of the ship somehow.




Upgrades IN ALL ASPECTS should be for credits, as that is how you get those ships anyways.


Pilots who already own the ships should have all previous nodes automatically unlocked.


Special Module changes can still use parts, but it would still be nice to see a decrease in the required numbers.

Uhh just to add on to my massive edit. If this were to be implemented in some way shape or form for an opt in system it’d be best if there was a kind of “end game” ship tree where players can unlock a set amount of ships for this system (maybe 4 or 5) and keep the standard variants present on the ship tree.


Heck that sounds complicated as hell but kind of appealing. Select a set of lower rank ships to upgrade to a higher rank and customise layouts but only be able to customise those ships you chose.

I will keep it short:


![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

I have 4 concerns that I would like addressed:

  1. how will this effect each ship’s unique modules?
  2. **will the premium and manufactured ships gain additional passives slots to compensate for the change in power compared to the extra slots on these silver ships**
  3. how will our current progress pan out into this new system? will all experience in a line be credited and allow us to make choices? what about credit costs?
  4. will DLC ships rank up in this manner as well, such as Phoenix, while keeping to their own unique play styles?

I think that, if you completely disrupt the balance of the DLCs you will probably have a riot on your hands, as people had to invest money into those… when you redid PvP, I left for a bit over a year, because I was upset that Phoenix does not scale to r17. It would be most unwise to forget the DLCs. again.

I also think unique mods should then be adapted so ALL ships of the class may use them, and their ranks should be expanded to encompass all ships. this would of course, negate the special “use all modules” perk of premium ships… a possible way to counter this shift would then be to allow premiums to equip a third unique module, or give them slightly higher base stats to the silvers.

a possible outlook is to expand this evolution into premium ships, with a GS lock on certain ranks… however, I would then advise to grandfather in those with higher rank premiums to gain access to the lower ranks, or possibly refund GS for all the premium non-DLC ships, and have players re-spend it on their premium ship lines.
DLC ships will need to be able to evolve as well, and probably do the same with destroyers.

as for manufactured ships, they will likely need some tuning and buffing to remain competitive. additional stats and passives, if not giving them their own fully unlocked tree that players must then set up. Balance is going to be very important.
for destroyers, which would also necessitate the adaptation, would they also be made to go from one ship to the next, with a manufacture lock at ranks 11 and 14? and for those who, for example, built Archon, then brave, then tyrant, would they automatically unlock procyon and sybyl’s locks to accomodate the brave and tyrant they already own?

I see this as a possible way forwards, but this is a rather large undertaking, and I hope you consider how such a change will effect the balance of ALL SHIPS, not just the silver ships.

yeah, just another way to take our money. cant earn credits because premium is now cash only and the ellidium upgrade way will take cash too if you dont have a stash of millions of credits.

This involves removing a vast majority of ships from the game.

Unless every single ship currently present gets ellydium trees, i am against.

All my ships from a given faction, class and role have unique builds and uses. I want to use them at the same time sometimes!

Combining ships is a terrible idea!


I think it will work differently than y’all are thinking.

Basically we have a heck-ton of ships that are all basically the same as you progress, but this will smush all those ships together in to basically the same ship, but it will change as you level it up. Each individual branch of modifiers will contain the slots of each ship (probably) and with this I’d assume lower rank ships will still act like lower rank ships.

Like think Tharga. R5 it is just a cheap gunship that looks unique. R10 it’s pretty competitive. R15 it’s a roflstomper.

This applies to all the standard ships we have too, but they just don’t all count as the “same ship” right now.


My primary concern isn’t a lapse in ship balance, but is more an intentional outmoding of unique modules and weapons. The unique modules/weapons should be opened to all ranks within the ship leveling system if this is to be implemented.

this can either break the game to no one playing or this can be a REALY good change if done right… dont screw it up whatever you choose. 

Yeah, this is huge, I suppose to make up for merging the ships you could be able to slot multiple of the same ship? Or be able to use different presets on the fly while spawning?

Which reminds me, with this you should more than definitely rework the presets to include Ellydium nodes and implants as now they will play an even bigger role in how builds are saved, also QoL would be for them to be saved on the server or as a file which is more accessible.

I have mixed feelings about it.

  • First, a suggestion, it should be credits ONLY with at most SMALL addition on other resources but definitely NO monos and NO xenos and NO ship parts. Any other option is a no from me.
  • On the picture you can see that the ship changes from “Hercules” to “Hercules Rage” basing on amount of nodes. As you can see, amount of passive slots is regular(9 slots) so no customization of passive slots, it means that from what I see ships would be merged but the customization would be minimal, only with ability to choose for example more speed nodes than hull nodes etc. In the end it could mean less ship variation(because of same passives) for exchange of being able to choose passive bonuses.
  • When it comes to above, I guess there will be much less ship options per class. It means that for example you could probably bring into battle three silver r15 fighters(each with different fixed passive slots you can’t change) but there won’t be 4th fighter at all, so again, less ship variation in the end and only very few passive slot layouts per class.
  • What about premium ships?
  • What about manufactured ships?
  • Based on second point, I would prefer being able to turn the ship into Ellydium-node one after maxing XP on it instead of merging existing ships into more compressed trees.

You need to show us more, show us how you expect one entire ship family from r1 to r15 to look like with this. At this moment it’s too difficult to tell if it’s good or bad idea.

Just as some already said, as long as this will not be [or aim at] a resources sink+way to diminish the credits which we collect with a lot of difficulty, might not be a bad idea after all.
Of course, no matter what or which the variations of the existing silver ships will be, that in no way is new content. Further more, I see nothing new from the Ellydium tree.

The only thing there are just new way to spend resources, credits and gold aka shuffle and serve with a high price to pay.

We are stucked - on prems/silver and manufactured ships - 9 slots and 4 actives. That in my opinion needs a rework, and would actually mean something. The Ellydium development patern is quite faulty [I prefer to call it that way instead off bogus] on the basis some modules/weapons are at the top end and at the same time are low rank/level. In other words, one must fully “research” the WHOLE development plan and then equip in a proper way a low rank ship !  I’m suspecting the same patern will apply here…

I do find the attempt encouraging however, before that:

  1. remove all caps

  2. allow a more profitable in-game economy [credits]

  3. lower the amount of resources needed for every upgrade, ie ellydium zeta is a nightmare

  4. lower the respawn time for the destroyers, seems ppl are being punished for using 1 while the game it self urged players to get them !

  5. control the trade in a way that both parties will be happy - game + players

  6. remove bots from pvp, better play 1v1 pvp than 2 players in opposite teams with bots. Those bots may behave like brainless chickens or define the outcome, either way is not player skill

  7. lower the frequency of 3 friendly/3 enemy beacon cap, no idea if its just me but am getting that horrid mode 6 times every 10 games

  8. promote the game in EU/US and actually make the players from those regions feel welcome. Will not comment on that, some know exactly what I mean.

Can list more but atm these are the most important, once I see some improvement will vote, for now will not vote.


what Fox said is right, the concern shouldn’t be on cost of upgrades as that isn’t likely to change much, it’s just smashing all the ships in a line into one ship, as the ship ranks up, it changes from one form to the next, like elly ships, and the ships growth is still there, in fact, more customizeable than it was before.

the concern should be regarding balance, specifically in regards to unique modules, Manufactured, and DLC ships.

if this update makes the silver ships too overpowered (potentially having 12 passives like a tharga) it could create a massive power rift over manufactured, premium and DLC ships that people spent money on… this tree system meets with my approval, however, I think that this tree needs to be expanded to cover premium and DLC ships, as well as manufactured ships

I understand doing so for all of them at once is a major undertaking, so I made a suggestion on how to do so with premium ships, as for DLC ships, if it were me, I’d arrange them up like the NY18, and do the same for the manufactured ships… the destroyer lines will also need altered, and having a manufactured break at each rank is not a bad idea, however, implementing this new system so that people do not lose content they have now for lack of a ship in the middle is going to be crucial

I want to know how the devs intend to handle unique mods and ships to maintain a balance of power (if manufactured ships become obsolete as all the free ships become on par with ellydium, there will be no reason to fly them, and the uniqueness of the battle will shift as everyone focuses on a handful of ships, like what happened when the Thar’ga first came out…

It’s a cool idea, but I have a strong feeling this will kill certain modes if they go through with it. Not only that, but I mean come on guys, after the last global fleet revamp and the introduction of ellydium ships, pvp suddenly got way harder because every ship suddenly had 20 more things it could do that you had to take into equation, and the ellydium ships were basically introduced as wild cards that could do anything and everything at random, now you guys all want EVERY ship to do that? Sec Con and Portals are already dead, but if we start getting wolfhound showing up that have every gunship in the entire tree crammed into them with so much power that they can single handedly take out a well coordinated team, these modes will vanish, it’s already bad enough as is with the wing sized squads. Sure I don’t want there to only be 18 ships, 1 empire recon, 1 empire ecm, 1 empire gunship, 1 empire command etc. because combining all these ships into 1 is a trash tier idea, but think about the ramifications this would have if it went through. General pvp would get even worse, the competitive pvp scene may just straight up die, it’s already on life support, and new players would be so confused that I doubt many would stick around.


Remember when everyone was excited for the new PvE system with the defense and power levels and then it turned out to put an even larger rift between new players and veterans than before? I’ve got max power and almost max defense and I get so annoyed when people pick levels 1-15 when I could easily solo up to level 25 on most missions and I’m sure everyone else with high power/defense feels the same, at that point to us it’s a waste of time. Had this new feature not been implemented we wouldn’t have this issue. How do the majority of people who have voted not see that a change this big to the core functions would most likely have a catastrophic impact?

Its a extremely bad idea!

because it can destroy the entire game and cause a overhaul of burning Credits  and Star  Conflict will be probably a  “Pay-2-Win”-Game

this  can cause a “Suicide” of this amazing Game

if these Nodes can be unlocked with monos and xenos it can be cause a “Pay-2-Win” overhaul because some P2W players with tons of Euros spends tons of Money for buying monos and xenos maxing out ships with overpowered weapons and blow up players with lower equip.

After the Patch some Equips, Modules and especially Weapons can be only unlocked when the spefified node is also unlocked  - this means most players can use only the “Standard” Equip until they unlock the better Equip or Weapon.

This can completely " destroy" the Competitive -Gameplay of Star Conflict.

In PvP actually the new Players are Matched with older Players with Destroyers and Ellydium Ships that blow up theses small ships and also blow up the mood of the Game which is the reason why some Players leave Star Conflict - The " Matchmaking" is actually completely TRASH







Pros: i dont see any

Cons: no pros

Sec Con is dead? Pappy, you see us in there all the time… and plenty of corporations are there that own sectors, not just they who used to be FDFF but keep changing the corp name because they think that a new name will expunge their bad reputation… I wouldn’t go so far as to call sec con dead, its stillvery much alive ^_^… you just never understood how sec con matchmaking and points worked, so your corp never could hold as many zones as AoWAR ^_^
this change could be catastrophic, and I’ve already pointed out the issues that can be predicted if the change is implemented. instead of ranting and whining (which is a big part of FDFF’s bad reputation) perhaps put forth some useful criticism? you may also want to actually LOOK AT THE INFO BEING PRESENTED. the hercules turns into hercules rage at r3, at r6, it turns into Deimos, and so on… just as it did before, only now you pick what kind of growth the ship will have when it transfers from one tier to the next. there’s not a change in special modules**(with 2 exceptions**)**, there’s not many changes at all, just a bit more control in the players hands to build their ship as they rank up, rather than buying the next ship with preset stats every time. Please understand what is in front of you before you start ranting, because when you act like an idiot, people will no doubt think you’re an idiot… and unless your intellectual prowess declined with your attitude over the past 2 years, your actually pretty smart. I only ask you use your head before you use your mouth :slight_smile:
(PS: Pappy, you might want to change that Discord page, it still says FDFF, and you guys have changed it quite a few times this past month to evade that bad rep. you guys have made for yourselves)

XxSiebensterNxX from what I can gather, it won’t be any more expensive than, say BUYING EACH SHIP every time one comes out(the way the game is now, it’s quite expensive)… it will still cost credits, but I doubt the costs will rise much, and are instead more likely to decrease at lower ranks and make growth easier on new players… while I cannot read russian, I’m pretty sure these ships will still use the same modules, at the same ranks, as any other ship, AND from what I can see, there are no blueprints to unlock in that ship tree, and they certainly won’t be taking anything away… instead, you start with a Hercules… you add enough points to it and the ship turns into Hercules Rage, more points and it turns into a Deimos. the DIFFERENCE is that you can pick and choose what characteristics that ship will gain as it ranks up to the next ship. you might choose to add another passive module, or you might choose to increase its shield capacity… you make your choice, and it becomes Diemos 2, and so on. RANK LOCKED modules are already a thing in the game, and noone said that was going to change.

the power balance issues come not from the ship at lower tiers, but rather, how these ships will compare to premium ships. if these silver ships are stronger than the gold ones, THEN I forsee an issue… I also question how unique modules will be used, because this will most likely alter them quite a bit. there’s also a possible issue of havign 11-12 passive mods on silver ships (as ellydium ships can be built to have more passives, at the expense of some unnecessary base stats (waz’got, for example, has some stats like increases thermal weapon damage and reducing control effect durations which you can take, but instead, you might take a CPU or shield passive for about the same cost in points… if your using Th’Ak’Len, which is kinetic, then your fine without thermal weapon damage)
what I’m getting at is that, it may become possible to build these ships to be stronger than the manufactured, DLC, and Premium ships, and doing so could potentially hurt the company’s profits and make those who have bought certain DLC bundles quite upset. I worry that this change, if not applied in some way to premium, DLC, and manufactured ships, will greatly disturb the game’s balance… THIS is why I suggested giving DLC a linear growth (like NY18’s) instead of trying this scale to 17 thing when many ships (like Phoenix) don’t scale. there’s already problems with the current system, and if applied properly, this change has the potential to correct some of those imbalances in the “scaled” system.

**in my little lecture to pappy I realized there are an additional 2 issues that need to be addressed when scaling the silver ships: Special module: ODG Mantis on Hyena, and Special Module: Styx Drones, on Styx, how will this change implement those?

I like the idea and think we should move forward with it.