New Ship Concept - Carriers

Hello, recently I’ve been talking with allies of mine about a new ship type I hope to see in game in the future: Carriers

Like it states above, carriers would be able to be a mobile spawn point for restricted classes(subject to change to federation only upon discussion) (no frigates/destroyers can spawn from carrier) they should also boast new abilities unique to the ship class, as mentioned below in detail.


Current Idea:



  • Jericho Class Carrier
    • 2.25x larger than the Tryant
      • 20 Turrets total, but 16 fire.
      • 250,000 Hull
        • 0 Resistance to all types at base
          • Max being 75 with modules
      • 500,000 Shield
        • 50 Kinetic, -25 EM 25 thermal at base
          • Max 100,50,75 with modules
    • Special Module ’ 
      • ‘Haven Dome’ - Upon activation a dome shield starts charging from the carrier, at full charge, a massive dome is released to block all incoming fire for 30 seconds, recharges in 1:30 OR
      • 'Haven Barrier ’ Upon activation a massive 1000 L 700m W half spherical shield is projected to the side the turrets are currently aiming at, blocks all damage but has 150,000 HP and 25 resistance to all types, only lasts 15 seconds if not destroyed – if not destroyed all allies in 300m from the shield front(sphere start) gain a 10% damage boost for 5 seconds.
        • Both can be destroyed with plasma arc/heavy fire
          • Causes 45,000 hull damage on destruction and is out for 2m if destroyed
            • Can be healed with engineer, but substantial amount is required(must also be hit directly)
    • Main Turret
      • ’Cerentos Barrage’ 
        • Minigun  weapon capable of dealing immense damage if held long enough.
          • 700/hit 400 RPM - 4666 DPS
            • Grows to 1500/hit 600 RPM & 15,000 DPS
              • Spread grows from 0.1 to 1.5 at full fire(10 seconds of firing - max damage(1500/hit & 600 RPM) at 10 seconds)
                • Overheat of 15 seconds
                  • Subject to change highly 
    • Special Active - Modules
      • ’Cupola System’
        • On activation sends the allied target a dome shield with 25,000 durability(subject to change) at 50 resistance.
          • The dome increases ally damage by 5%
            • Speed by 3%
              • Lasts 5 seconds
    • More suggestions are welcome, I’ve run out of ideas for Jericho Carrier


  • Empire Class Carrier
    • 2.00x larger than the Vigilant
    • 22 Turrets total 18 Fire
    • 500,000 hull
      • 25 Kinetic 50 EM 25 Thermal at base
        • 75 Max Kinetic 100 Max EM 75 Max Thermal
    • 150,000 Shield
      • 0 Resistance 
  • Special Module
    • ‘Howlizter Protocol’
      • All allies in 1000m radius from the Citadel gain 25 % damage boost on top of 45% ROF boost for 15 seconds coolsdown in 30
    • Room for suggestion for second option module
      • Both(if applied) are deconstructable, dealing 75,000 Hull damage and out for 45 seconds.
  • Main Turret
    • ’Orbis Cannon’
      • HEAVY Gauss -Like Cannon  capable of dealing immense damage in close range proximity if charged and used correctly. Explosive.
        • 3000/hit at 75 RPM
          • Charge to 6000/hit at stage 2 and 12000 at stage 3 charge takes 3 seconds for 1 and 7 seconds for 2  and can only be charged twice before overheating at stage 1 and once at stage 3
          • 2x Base then 2x Stage 2 Base.
        • Explosion Range is 300m
        • Overheats if fired normally in 8 seconds
        • Spread at base is 0.5, charge to stage 2 brings it to 0.9
          • Range is varied on charge
            • Base is 2000m
              • Charge 1 is 3250m
                • charge 2 is 4250m
                  • FIXED - NO HORIZON
  • Special Active ** Module**
    • ’Drag Orb Mine’
      • On use deploys proximity mines that hold the target in the explosion range(100m) for 15 seconds, active time moves to 3 seconds if shot at.
        • Can be countered with implants
          • Explosion deals 400 damage/0.25 seconds
    • Highly open to more module suggesstions


  • Federation Class Carrier
    • 1.75X as large as Sirius
    • 18 turrets, 14 fire
    • 180,000 Hull
      • 50/75/50 Respectively of resistance 
    • 125,000 Shield
      • 75/45/75 
      • Respectively of resistance
  • Special Module
    • Nano-Drone Ejector’
      • On activation, the carrier produces drones that automatically track and move with their target, no more than 2 per ally. Max of 14 drones.
        • Drones provide a 20% movement increase per stack, 10% maneuverability (per drone basically) and restore 200 hull/shield/sec again - per drone stack, drones last 10 seconds on target and if destroyed(yes they can be shot down) the ally targeted gets an emergency boost of 30% speed and 25% turn speed  for 3 seconds.
    • OR: ‘Menace Drones’ 
      • On activation the carrier produces drones(max of 20) that attack the nearest target, or locked target(drones fan out from locked target as only 3 can lock on at a time) the drones slow the targets down by 5% per drone and deal 400 damage/hit at 100 ROF. Drones can be told to Self Destruct causing all players within 200m(even allies) to take 3000 damage per drone.
  • Main Turret
    • ’Equator Cannon’
      • Fires a single barrage of  light homing missles to the locked target, but no more than 4 can lock on at once. 
        •   Damage per missle is 300/hit but 4 can hit the target. If a missle hits the target the next missle to hit(if it does) deals 30% more damage.
          • Second:390
            • Third: 507
              • Fourth: 659
                • Total:1,856 damage
                • Missles move like EM missles with a 25% nerf
                  • Max range of guided missiles is 5000m
                    • ROF is 180 RPM, but firing a barrage takes 2 seconds, so realistically DPS would be around 5700, at MK1.
                    • Missiles are 8% more potent per level, being 40% stronger at MK 5
  • Special Active ** Module**
    • ‘Valkyrie Cloud’ 
      • On activation this module produces a cloud at the targeted ally(or crosshair) that increases ally speed by 45% as long as they are in the cloud, turn rate increases 15%. Bonus Compounds per enemy in the cloud. Bonus is 10% per enemy to both applied(speed and turn rate) Allies heal for 450/sec and the cloud lasts for 8 seconds, the cloud drone can be destroyed. 
    • Any other ideas? submit them please!





I choose for the federation carrier to be a light engineer to compensate for its low health and shield and damage.


All numbers and modules mentioned should be tweaked to all of your guys liking, this is just a baseline. 


How to win domination matches: Have one unkillable ship with massively op weaponry AND spawn capability at every beacon. Alternatively, you could just have a team full of them and be virtually unkillable.

This would be destroyer release on steroids.

4 hours ago, Scar6 said:

How to win domination matches: Have one unkillable ship with massively op weaponry AND spawn capability at every beacon. Alternatively, you could just have a team full of them and be virtually unkillable.

This would be destroyer release on steroids.

I should of mentioned

  • only 2 ships can spawn every 1m or 2m from the carrier at a beacon.
  • Carrier cant warp
  • carrier has max speed of 45 ms for empire/jericho
    • 60 for federation
  • acceleration of 1/2ms
  • Weapons can be changed significantly
  • Modules that are destroyed can cripple them if planned 
  • 1 per team at all times



After a few years playing this game, everything that involves auto aim of any kind gets a simple no from me.