New ship class

Cruiser type ships should be in this game. One size class bigger then frigates. Nearly 3 times the size.  They should have massive shields and armor but should be vulnerable to fast fighters. I think by adding a third kind of ship it becomes easier to make the “Rock paper scissors effect”  that so many well balanced games have. At this point flying a frigate feels like flying a fat fighter with some cool features but otherwise bad at most game modes. 

I think their should be some stipulation on cruisers such as they only appear at a certain higher teir… maybe 3? They move relatively slow and their turrets have slower tracking speed. 

Then you can make frigates anti fighter machines and have have gun ships/tacklers fill their role as anti-fighter/frigates better when guarding cruisers.

let them fix this game before introducing anything new.

I propose this kinda of thing as a fix for the future. It seems like the game is out of balance right now and as much as I like it. It seems that certain classes of ships are useless in most game modes.

There will only be Dreadnoughts for corps, but no bigger ships for single players.

Ah…that seems like a poor game decision… 

Ah…that seems like a poor game decision… 

no, not really…they cant even balance the current ships/weapons…let alone even more

Always liked the idea of cruisers…Let’s wait for the dreadnought first and how it will work…A cruiser should involve more that one player to be used IMO, kind of ship that you can use in clan wars or in special PVE Fleet  missions… that would be amazing :wink: