New Secret Project Special Module - Ronin

Special Project ships need some new modules. I am not talking about 3 available special modules in the construction menu, but a new, additional one.

9 Secret Project ships will get 9 new modules that I will describe in the near future. I will create a thread for each single ship individually.

Cost of each module is 100 special module parts and they can be obtained for free, or purchased from the Store.


“Ronin” Secret Project ship:




Special module: “Synchronic” Phase Shield Matrix

Energy consumption: 175 points.

Recharge time: Always active


Increases shield’s resistance to any matching damage type (Thermal; EM; Kinetic) by 150 points.

For each hit coinciding with selected damage type, Ronin’s base shield regeneration speed is increased by 100% for 5 seconds.

Ronin deserves more modules since the destros came out, he kinda went into the dark. The ship has great potential but the special modules he has to offer are a bit rigid. IDK i think it can do more than just tank damage and similar. 


How about a module that takes 25% of damage and converts it to energy while passively adding more resist, the more energy the ronin has. Ratio like for every energy point it gives 0,1 resist on all damage types.