New Secret Project Special Module - Peregrine

Special Project ships need some new modules. I am not talking about 3 available special modules in the construction menu, but a new, additional one.

9 Secret Project ships will get 9 new modules that I will describe in the near future. I will create a thread for each single ship individually.

Cost of each module is 100 special module parts and they can be obtained for free, or purchased from the Store.

Screenshot: “Peregrine”


Name of the module: Military Grade “Chained Link” Plasma Web


Shoots a plasma web that deals 3250 points of thermal damage to the target over 8 seconds.

If there is another target nearby within a 500 meter radius, the effect transfers to next target, up to maximum of 3 chained or linked targets, if in range.

Second and third target receive the same amount of damage and effects as the first. Same effects do not stack, if already active from another source.

Effective range of this module is 2100 meters. Recharge time for this module is 60 seconds. Thermal damage scales with the ship’s main weapon damage.