New Secret Project Special Module - Mjolnir

Special Project ships need some new modules. I am not talking about 3 available special modules in the construction menu, but a new, additional one.

9 Secret Project ships will get 9 new modules that I will describe in the near future. I will create a thread for each single ship individually.

Cost of each module is 100 special module parts and they can be obtained for free, or purchased from the Store.


Screenshot: “Mjolnir”



Name of the module: Overdrive “Thor B4”

Energy consumption: 100  points

Recharge time: 50  seconds

Description of the module:

Increases firing rate, energy regeneration speed, max speed, strafe speed and rotation speed by 50% for 8 seconds.

Increases time to overheat main weapons by 25 %. Increases critical chance by 25%. Increases speed acceleration by additional 25%.

Ship automatically cloaks for 2  seconds, after Special module effects expire.