New Secret Project Special Module - Kraken

Special Project ships need some new modules. I am not talking about 3 available special modules in the construction menu, but a new, additional one.

9 Secret Project ships will get 9 new modules that I will describe in the near future. I will create a thread for each single ship individually.

Cost of each module is 100 special module parts and they can be obtained for free, or purchased from the Store.


“Kraken” Secret Project ship:

Special module name: “Adaptive Nano-Mutator” Firing Solution


Description of a special module:

You can switch from Sniper mode to Guided Torpedo mode with a press of a button.

New key bind might be needed for this. Cool-down time for switching to alternative mode is 10 seconds to avoid abuse.

If a Secret Project ship has Disintegrator active or Sniper mode, then such module will switch from that version to Guided Torpedo mode next and vice versa.

You can only cycle your mode installed on your ship to alternate one with some energy cost, like 250 energy per each activation.

Switch can only work, while player isn’t in Sniper or Guided mode.

You cannot cycle through 2 other existing sniper variants of special modules, like Legion’s and Warden’s variants. 

Only a regular version of sniper mode is allowed, when switched from Guided Torpedo mode.

That means no energy burns over time, or losses of durability over time.

Again, both Sniper variants and benefits from Legion’s and Warden’s variants do not count.


Kraken Screenshot:


+1 to actual unique modules for Special Projects.

I support it. +1!!!

I, the public, support this torpedo disintegrator switching thing of yours.


Special ships already have up to 2 “special special module”. Before this, add 2 special modules to all the other ships, THEN we can think of this.

Don’t complain, at least you don’t have to grind for them.

Someday I think we will deliver new stuff for secret project ship as well) Thanks for ideas ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

20 minutes ago, CinnamonFake said:

Someday I think we will deliver new stuff for secret project ship as well) Thanks for ideas ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Waitwaitwait,what about Mauler?Got any ideas when his rework might happen?

Special project ships should be special and not share any similarities with other ships special modules like nowadays they do with EVEN T3 ships, just wanted to put this here and also a + for the idea!