New roles : One in all (Modules/Ships/Economy/Introduction)

1) Introduction :



I was thinking about all this thread asking for more contents in the game, and I re-open an Old TextPad I’ve made some time ago.

And maybe share all the old suggestion I had could be a good idea :D.

So, I thought about what was missing in the game, while reading some books, watching some movies ectect, I always see/read the same things :




So I tryed to take all my idea (the best and the worst), combined them and see what I could create to improve the content of the game.


The results are “3 news roles”, One for Interceptor, One for Fighters and One for Frigates Available for ALL FACTIONS and directly at the start of the game.



2) Explanation :


This 3 news roles, will be able to improve the game’s content by differents way, first they will improve the actual meta-game with more ships, more differents fittings. Secondly, we will have more strategy, each player have his own tactics with his ships, adding this news ships will allow players to have more differents playstyle.

Third and last point about the content : Add more ships variety for newcomers, They are limited to fighters only actually and they will be pleased by more differents opportunity.

New playstyle will also be a good improvement for veteran/old players on the game by breaking the domination of only some ships.


Bonus : That will be good ideo to rework the ships tree at the same time.



3) Economics Profits :


When I suggest to introduce new ships roles, it also means new “Premium Ships” and more.

Let me explain : The idea of this new ships is also due to the recent Sectors Conquest Event (Federation and Jericho Nearly Destroyed) the “Civils” and “Old War’s Veterans” started to modifie their ships to join the battle and Protect their Territories. And the differents political Leaders join them in the Glorious “Patriotic Act”.


Here to Suggestion for “Premium package” :

“Civilian’s Soldiers” → Low Cost DLC

“Old War’s Veterans” → Medium Cost DLC

“Patriotic Act” → High Cost DLC


And like this we will have a special DLC for the only faction that doesn’t have one, the Jericho !

This packages could also have some special Civil’s sticker, Special Veteran Painting Preset ectect.


And Profit ! (Litterally)


4) Balance and Introducing the ships :


Here the main idea : Introduce them with differents phases.


  • Phase n°1 :

The Civilians are joining the War ! But they do not own advanced ships, meaning that only T1 ships will be available.

In fact, the Commands from each faction want to test how this ships are doing in battle (without any sentiments about civil’s death, it’s war!).

This stage have a 2 weeks duration (allowing Devs to gather Datas and Feedback / Balance the ships)

(No premium / DLC available)


  • Phase n°2 :


The Commands are really insterrested by the Results of the First Phase and decide to Open their Factories to New blueprints ! T2 and T3 new ships are now available, Each faction, based on their base’s models developped it own ships and made them available for mercenaries. (1/2 Weeks duration Gather Datas and Feedback)

(Premium/DLC available at the end of this phase)


  • Phase n°3 :


The Commands start working on the new ships with Precursors Artifacts and Advanced Technologies, Top secrets blueprints for T4-T5 ships are now availables ! (Devs can Still gather Datas and Feedback for futur adjustment)



Why this introducing method will make the ships easier to balance?


Gathering Data from T1 to T5 with differents phases will allow all the Player base and the Devs to have Datas and Feedback from each Tiers in a Croissant Orders.

Things not balanced in T1 will be corrected and the values for Higher tiers will be changed “BEFORE” the release of this Higher Ships

Also, All the player Base will be able to participate, not only few players (Aka T5 ships), making data collecting and feedback forwarding easier.


Most of the Suggested ships will just need the best tool ever made since the video game’s creation : “SWAP COLOURS”.

Some will probably need some SkinRework (or just paint) to looks more like Old Repaired Civilian’s ships.


5) Ships and Modules Descriptions :


I) Heavy Bomber :



Fighter classe


History : 

The Heavy Bomber was designed for Planetary Bombing during the first era of the war, each faction used to send them in ridiculous dangerous mission with the aim to destroy low-orbital/surface Strategic Locations.

Mainly due to the lack of spatial support during the Assault, this strategy has been ignored for long time by most of the Factions Commanders.

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked…The Empire attacked. Their heavy Armored Frigates were clearly a problem for other factions, an Unknow Commander had to call Civils and Old Soldiers to join the sector defense and had re-equips their ships with the locals factories : the results was not really expected.

This is what happen when you let people playing with explosives… 


"F" Special Module : Bomb Cloud : Drops behind the ships in a straigh line, a cloud of 5 littles thermal bombs (1500 dmg/bomb and 


125m. radius) that detonate after 5 secondes. When activated, 1 bombs is drops every 1 seconde. 

50 secondes Cooldown.


(Ship) ----> (F) ----> O…O…O…O…O…(Ship) —> BOUM…BOUM…BOUM…BOUM…BOUM…(Ship) […] = 1 Seconde

 (Best scheme ever made)


(Frigballz is boring? Just make a big hole in the Ennemy’s Fleet with the Bomb Cloud !)



Actives Module :


Laser targeting Bomb : Mark a Location on an immobile object/ship, every bombs (missile type) will be directed to the marked location.


Bomb Drone : Launch an explosive Drone Flying in straigh line for 10 secondes. If the drone collide or reach the end of the flying timer, it explode, doing 1200 EM dammages in a 500 m radius.



Chirurgical Strike : Overcharge the Engine during 2 seconds, after this delay, the ships make a 2000m jump and is unlockable for 2 secondes.




And A special bonus : New missile type : BOMBS


  • Thermal Bomb : Do an average amount of thermal dammages in a 750 m Radius (Direct hit deals more dammages than be catch in the explosion)
  • Thermal Fragmentation Bombs : Launch a lot of little bombs dealing a low amount of dammages but hitting a large zone.


PS : Mr. Torgue Approve !



II) Drones Carrier



Frigate classe


History : 

Supportive Ship using an old technology now outdated, the come back of this ship is mainly due to the amount of dead during the Sector Conquest and the lack of Mining Sectors in some faction).

Based on a Civilian’s ship used to gather ressource before the war, The ship has been renforce by each faction in different way :

_Jericho engineer changed the shield on the ship and the drones weapons —> Kinetic drones

_Federation remove the old engines and add a new Power system in drones (weapons) —> Plasma Drone

_Empire totally rework the Hull’s ship, and udapte the drone’s mining laser  (weapons) —> Laser Drone


This ships always have 4 littles drones with it, but cause of the drone’s size and the old technology, the AI is not enough smart to take decision. And this limitation also include that drone are affected by ECM since they are directly linked to the Ship’s Computer.

Mercenary’ Engineers decide to overclock some Engineer’s Processors to create modules allowing some controls on drones but the Modules have big Energy cost.



"F" Special Module :“Drone Bataillon” Create 1 Drone every 10 secondes (maximum 4 drones), When activated, A maximum of 2 “Drones” charge their internal mass propulsion for 1 second to become Unguided Projectiles that will crash on the marked Location (Aim cursor) Dealing Kinetic Dammages. 




Shield Protocole : Activate the Defensive Protocole for 10 secondes (or shield is destroyed), drones shares their energy to create a shield to protect the ship. When the shield is destroyed, or the end of the timer is reached, the shield explode and unleash an EM Nova dealing dammages based on “Duration of the shield and Range of the ennemy” (max range 1250m). 

(Yes, A big Particule Purge for this frigate, Deal with it Ceptor !)


Auxilliary System Protocole : Activate the Processor Support System (PSS), Drones combines their limited AI sytem and improve allied Contrôls Resistance by 13/15/17/20% in a 2000/2200/2500/2800m Radius.

(Yes, A big Proton wall for everybody, Deal with it ECM)


Weakspot-Targeting Protocole : Combine the Drones AIM System(DAS) to gather Informations about the ennemy’s Weakpoints, Targeted Ennemy in the effect radius will have 9/12/15/18% more chance to be hit by a critical shoot. (Only 1 debuff applyable at the same time, effect do not cumulate)

(A good way to punish Guards that are flying alone)


Focus Fire : All the drone fire on the actual locked target with their Mining laser, Downgrading all the ennemy’s resistances by 50 pts for 5 seconds and dealing X dmg/sec Max range : 3000m

(Mining Emitter next GEN)


All the modules share a Global cooldown (5 secondes) to reset the drones process (prevent spamming multiple drones hability)



III) Optical Decoy



Interceptor classe


History : 

This ship used to be one of the most powerful propaganda weapon during the first Empire’s Steps, it advanced opticals systems were used to lure people during “parade”, the price to move a fleet for just an Event on the differentes sectors was too expensive. So the Imperial Engineers developped a ships able to create Optical Illusion of a Fleet and combine it with Speakers to let the public thinks it was a true Fleet.

Of course, the blueprint was steal by the Jericho and the Federation soon after the creation of the first ship.

The real military potential of this creation was noticed only very recently when the Federation needed to perform audacious maneuver to evacuate refugees lost sectors by adding sensor’s Disruptor on the ship. Using only three vessels, the Federation managed to divert the imperial fleet by simulating fleets movements on disputed border sectors with Jericho.



_ “F” Special Module : _ “Digital flare” When activating, the Ship become Invisible for 3 secondes, after this 3 secondes, 2 Opticals Illusion of the ship appears and fly in randoms directions (Doing evasing manoeuvrers) for 10 secondes. (Illusion have 1/1 (shield/hull)pts, appears on Radar, can be targeted and destroyed and have the same name as the player)


Active Module :


Tactical Camo : Activating this module will totally stop your engine and active an Optical illusion on your ship, making it looking like a little Asteroids, Allowing you make Ambush without being detected. (Micro-Locator and Spy drone will remove the camo)


Antimatter Trap : Drop an invisible Trap (as the proximity mine but Purple) on the ship location. If an ennemy fly near to it, the trap is activated, Disrupting the ennemy sensor for 10 secondes in a 750m radius.


Sensor Disruptor : Reduce the Sensor Range of ennemy by 50% for 25 secondes.


Fake Drone : Launch a Cloud of Fake drone copying the name of other members of the team and creating fake Target. The drones last for 15 secondes before desactivation. The amount of Fake Copy depend of the amount of Allied Players in range when the module is activated.




Feels Free to post Questions/Discussion/Comments :smiley:

If you have any other idea based on the main subject, Please, Feel free to PM me on the forum, I will edit/add your idea directly in the main post to keep this thread easy to read and friendly !


Thanks for Reading !

The grammar kinda lacks, but these are actually quite nice ideas there, i like it o.O

Interceptor Tactical Camo will not work in higher tiers because people will already know the layout of every asteroid. Also the same pattern of asteroid cluster will be too easy to spot. The Sensor Disruptor would need a longer duration. The rest… i’m too tired to tweak them all right now xD

The grammar kinda lacks, but these are actually quite nice ideas there, i like it o.O

Interceptor Tactical Camo will not work in higher tiers because people will already know the layout of every asteroid. Also the same pattern of asteroid cluster will be too easy to spot. The Sensor Disruptor would need a longer duration. The rest… i’m too tired to tweak them all right now xD


@Grammar : Brain was in Dead-Mode Today :smiley: (This is what happen when I’m sick)

The problem as far as i noticed is with your 'S’s. You keep putting them on the wrong words. Other than that, i’ll have to read again.






This is a personal achievement :smiley:

Like the drone boat, my kind of ship. That is, if you can keep drones online for a decent amount of time

I love the anti-ceptor and anti-ECM frigate, looks fun.

Overall, you’ve some good ideas there, and some pretty neat modules that can be added to the actual ships. But in the end, the most probably outcome is nothing, like the rest of the awesome proposals that other players did, specially JasanQuinn’s ideas (a.k.a. “The Ban Man”)