New resource and weapons!

Since y’all seem to like having new resources, I propose Vulpanium! It will be only found in Ultuite crystals in Alien sectors of all ranks. It is a glowing red chunk of ore, and when 2 ore are smelted, you gain a brigh, shining orange crystal.


Vulpanium Ore(2)

=Vulpanium Crystal

Vulpanium Crystal(10)

Osmium Crystal(5)


=Vulpanium Resonator*

Vulpanium Crystal(25)

Osmium Crystal(10)

Crystal Shard(10)


=Vulpanium Fractal Sphere**

Vulpanium Crystal(20)

Computing Chip(8)

Graphite Plate(12)


=Vulpanium Girders***


Name: Vulpanium Resonator

Type: Active Module

Ranks: 7-15

Cooldown: 60s

Radius: 4500m

Energy: 70/s

Tooltip: Creates a resonant field between allied shields that boosts max volume by 12% and adds +15 resistance to all damage types.


Name: Fractal Sphere

Type: Main Weapon

Ranks: 10-15

Damage: 2250 Thermal (Scales with number of turrets on ship)

Explosion radius: 500m

RoF: 45/m

Range(max): 3500m

Projectile speed: 1800m/s

Tooltip: Charges up and launches a large energy sphere that strikes all enemies in a 450m radius with lightning for 325 EM damage per 0.5 seconds. Detonates on impact. Lightning strikes all enemies and enemy structures. (Drones/turrets/etc.)


Name: Vulpanium Girders

Type: Rare Ship Internal Structures

Tooltip: Used when crafting Special Vulpanium reinforced ships.

OmegaFighter isn’t here by the way.

OmegaFighter isn’t here by the way.

Ikr. That means I can post whatever I want! Mwahahahahahaha!

Edit: also I meant RoF: 45/m not 45/s. Xp

Why would you want to craft foxy cans?

Foxy cannons*

Yes. Yes I would.