new radioactive mode!

so ya, perhaps some special modes that can be started only through cotum battle…

as we did yesterday, nuking the sheet out of eachother. but it would be a lot more convenient if for this…nuclear mode, recharge for nukes would be very small…

no guns, no heal modules, only nukes, reactor overdrive and plasma arc :smiley:

why? for the lolz!

for getting blasted into a wall by friendly nuke. for geting blown away because you met a nuke around the corner that was on its last beep! fair enough?

Lol, it would be a bit of a waste of development time, don’t you think? Go play some indie game, I’m sure you’ll find one where you are able to throw nukes at one another all day long :00555:

Just add a custom silly mode where you can decide how much to reduce reload times for missiles/modules/weapons, damage modifier, resistance, HP, speed. Wouldn’t be that difficult if it was general and not as specific as “reduce nuke cooldown to 2 secs”

Something like this is not planned for now, as well as any other modification to custom battles.