New pvp mode.

Hi all, I’ve just got an idea of a new pvp mode. A kind of “Infection” but not completely.

In fact, that would be a mode where each team start with 100 points (Like capture the beacon). The goal is to make the enemy team have 0 point.


In fact there would be a ship (defined randomly at the beginning) that would be the “monster”.

-> 50% damage buf.

Each kills made by the “monster” make lose 5 points to the enemy team.

But when the monster is killed, or if he survive longer then 40 sec, a ship in the other team is choosed as the monster.

Witch had another thing : If a monster survive the entire 40 sec, it make the enemy team loose 5 points, else if he is killed, it’s the ally team who loose 5.

What do you think of it?

Not bad, not bad at all actually. And I’m assuming that once a monster always a monster applies (unless it’s killed)?


*so it would be an infection mode kinda?

I don’t really understand what you mean sorry (I’m french :P).

Maybe you mean that once you become the monster, you stay it until you die ?

In fact that’s not really that (Don’t want a camp fest like recon…).

The fact is that you become the monster for “only” 40 secondes.

Once the 40 secondes are finished, you are normal again, and another ship is randomly choosed on the opposite team.

Another fact is that, if the monster don’t go on the battlefield and camp like in recon, you won’t be able to win the match (If the other team don’t suicide again and again);

What I do want is a mode where EVERYBODY is on the battlefield, even LRF.


It’s like a recon, but where the captain can die without make your team loose, and each time he die, somebody else become the captain.

-> You don’t have the *I MUST SURVIVE* and can go on the battlefield to use your damage buff.

When people randomly become captain/“monster” they’ll probably just camp even harder. But idea isn’t bad, I’d like some more dynamic game modes.

Why would they camp if it only give 5 points to your team if you survive the 40 secondes when you can have much more points when killing peoples ?

Yes, I did mean that. a player becomes a monster they stay as one until they are destroyed. It’s a very good idea.