New PvE Skirmish mode "Ready for PvP"

Before I start my suggestion, this is not about skirmish PvP but about skirmish PvE.

And here I go:
PvE skirmish is where players face bots in PvP mode in PvP map.
You can feel a sense of conquest that you are better than AI bots by capturing many beacons, destroying more than 10 opponents etc.
Then what’s the problem of current PvE skirmish?

"The difference between PvE skirmish and real PvP is huge that players cannot learn anything from the battle."

If you ever played both PvE skirmish and PvP skirmish, you will know the differences.
Newbies who want to learn about PvP meta, PvP skill, and PvP fit have almost no choice, but playing PvP alone, get punished by veteran players and learn from their losses.
But this process is too punishing for new PvP players, and some would stay away from PvP mode.
I think this is the one of the reason why random PvP que takes so long and SC try to match bots in PvP, not real players.

Now the suggestion:
New PvE skirmish mode called "Ready for PvP"
AI bot’s pick are restricted to R15 tech-tree ships and premium ships.
In this mode, players face AI bots, but AI bots get a data from real PvP and act like real PvP players. (Also bots’accuracy is not 100% but same as real players)
For example: in Beacon Hunt mode, some AI try to recapture the current open beacon and others go to the next beacon and try to take players down in advance.
Also bots try to do their own role.
For example: AI covert ops use “Adaptive camo” and try to punish isolated players by surprise attack or hit-and-run tactic.

This mode can be either played by solo or in group.
If que takes so long, then system automatically match 10 vs 10 ~ 15 vs 15 with friendly AI. (Friendly AI also act like real players as mentioned above)
Also in this mode: **repair fees are free, but gives fewer rewards than actual PvP mode.

In this mode, new players can learn basic tactics of real PvP.**

If  “Ready for PvP” success, then I suggest bringing "Ready for PvP Extreme"
In this mode, everything is same as  “Ready for PvP”,  but difference is that AI bots can pick up to R16-R17 ships and Ellydium ships.
Also, AI mimics top N% player’s fit and play-style, so do not find mercy from AI.

In this mode, normal PvP players can test their limits and learn how veteran players counter their tactics.
Also veteran PvP players find their worthy opponents easily and have fun in tight fights.

I hope new PvE mode boosts both new PvP players and veteran PvP players’ interest and attract them to play PvP modes more often.
Also hope this PvE mode finally ends “Bots in PvP mode”