New Modules

From the Droneship Thread.


I have to repeat myself: there wont be more ships roles.


There may be perhaps a few more ships, mainly in DLCs but no new role.


We focus on new modus, balance and improving the current content.



Ok so maybe the suggested modules could be placed in an LRF, for the offensive drones, or an Engi, for the defensive.


Press CTRL to cycle through drones and back to main ship. Drones will be under control by you, they can move. If not being used by you at the moment the will return back to ship. Putting these new modules would not change the role of each ship drastically





Active Modules

I will try to stay away from specific numbers and percentages. That is for the developers to implement for balancing. 



Attack Drone - Purely for the purpose of attacking. Has weak regenerative shields and has regular drone strength. Has two turrets. One will be plasma, the other kinetic. They will have the same projectile speed and the same amount of damage but will still be affected by resistances.

Slow-beam Drone - Deploys a drone that will slow down one enemy within a certain radius. It also reduces the targets resistances only a small amount. You will need to cycle into it and lock on to slow down your opponent. Unless of course if the drone is in orbit.



Protector Drone - Deploys a drone disabling negative affects to all allies within a certain radius and puts up a small to moderate size missile shield. Not as big as the guards though. Just enough to destroy any missiles wandering through it’s radius.

Capacitor Drone - Deploys a drone emitting energy to all allied ships within a certain radius. Has one very weak turret dealing laser (thermal) damage.




Tell me what you think.


P.S. btw i know im posting a lot of threads… im bored