New modules and Premium mods

Hunter Energy Core - Passive Capacitor Module

Buffs damage and weapon range by 10%, causes lower shield regen and shield capacity by 10%.


Micro-jammer - Passive CPU module

Enemies that come within a 500m range lose their locked-on target. Can only happen once for each ship every 30 seconds.


Nanoshards - Passive Hull Module

Regenerates hull points for the value of shield regeneration points. Activates 5 seconds after reaching full energy capacity. Shield regeneration/repair is disabled while active.


K-10 Seeker - Passive module for any slot (multi-fit mod)

Ship ejects a small playful drone that self-destructs into any drone (and killing it instantly) that hits the player. Respawn time for the drone is 30sec.


Piercer turret - Active Destroyer Module

Tracks targets and deals continuous kinetic damage in passive mode, in active mode rate of fire and projectile speed increases, each consecutive hit lowers the targets resistance points to all damage types by 5, max resistance debuff 30 points and lasts 5 seconds.


Universal Nanocontroller - Passive module for any slot (multi-fit mod)

Improves the parameters of all installed passive modules on the ship by 25%, also increases the negative effects of each passive module by 25%.


Bartle’s Broken Decoder - Passive module for any slot (multi-fit mod)

Premium item that translates alien noise into voices. Alien ships won’t attack you unless provoked.



Baron’s Hologram - Passive module for any slot (multi-fit mod)

Premium item that masks you as a Baron agent. Non-alien NPC ships won’t attack unless provoked.


Crystallid DNA C37 - Premium Skin Preset for Ze’Ta

Turns the Ze’Ta ship model into an armored/advanced version of the alien Hunter ship model. (name inspired by Caldwell 37 (NGC 6885), an open cluster in the constellation Vulpecula)

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