New Module

After the removal of the ability to reduce regeneration rates from the spydrones module, I would like to suggest a new module that does this specifically.

I won’t say which class will use it, so comment below what type of module should do this, as well as what type of ship will use it.

What would it be like? perhaps like the ecm’s weapon system inhibitor? 50-75% hull/shield regeneration reduction to a single target, anyone?

Or would it be like a guard’s signature masking? 30% reduction? Anyways, you get the idea, sound off below. 






This suggestion follows this suggestion.

My module still have the reduction effect on the tooltip… And I can’t read anything about its removal.


Edit : I didn’t read the other post. No. This is a bad idea (and I main recon). Spy drone is an interesting mechanic as it is now. Too bad they reduce the already very low cooldown. Really not needed. If the regeneration value was to be removed, then there will be no reason to take spy drone over microlocator.

Ehh, I probably should have emphasized it a bit more, but this is a follow up suggestion from the linked thread within the first post.