New Matchmaker Restrictions

Star Conflict Developers: “Let’s make games 1v1 now because we really don’t have the playerbase anymore for your average 2v2, and we can’t figure out our ranking system”

Video on why it’s a bad idea: (It’s funny)

Players: "How about you remove the separations? 

SC Developers: “What do you mean”

Players: Well, 

  • T1
    • Ranks 1-5
  • T3
    • Ranks 6-9
      • Ranks as low as 3 can join as long as the pilot has one R 6-9
  • T4 
    • Ranks 10-13
      • Ranks as low as 8 can join as long as the pilot has one R10/13
  • T5 
    • Ranks 14-15
      • Ranks as low as 11 can join as long as the pilot has one R14/15

We see no issue with this, we will get many games to cope with the issue of the playerbase leaving. I added the separation due to alien ships as I realise with the upcoming Waz Got’s mobile platform now… alien ships can get so much worse so they basically have their own tier now. I personally love this idea, it gives people a chance to use the ships they love such as Gargoyle in higher ranks, it also speeds up match making because it’s not separated anymore. 

Awaiting SC developers reply…


Yessssss. Bring back the tiers!!!

“Tiers” are bad and they should feel bad. 

8 hours ago, xKostyan said:

“Tiers” are bad and they should feel bad. 

This is not about “Tiers” really, this is just about getting games faster and making them interesting! I am stick of waiting an hour total in que for T3-T4 matches. Downright pathetic. The devs need to do something and this is a good start!

5 tiers is bad