New maps

A cool idea for a map would be a ship graveyard. It could have giant capital ships and broken components. Some of the ships you could even fly through. Also having the ability to shoot hanger doors open for shortcuts. The shields from the ships could also cut in and out to cause temporary barriers, which players would have to time in order to fly through.


The surface of the sun could also be a fun map. With random solar flares that pop up into the battlefield. The flares would need some sort of warning system like bubbling up on the surface.




Last one would have to be blackhole. You wouldnt be sucked into the hole, but asteroids would move toward a certain direction. That way you would have to watch the fight and the environment around you.



very cool ideas man , i like the moving environment

Suggested something close to the first idea a while ago and extended it to a 3-way combat + PvE. Not a ship graveyard, but includes super-large structures, scouting, getting lost etc. But many of the things in the game modes and map discussions don’t seem to be looked at unfortunately. So far even with newly introduced maps i’ve seen only repeating the old ones: bunch of asteroids, some debris, maybe some precursor structure, and the warp gates on abandoned outpost. These are TOO CLASSICAL, in TOO MANY GAMES of the kind… I’m not getting hyped of any new maps tbh… just another place to learn the round-about.

The ship graveyard schtick would go hand in hand with the ancient space structures that are already maps in-game, but we’re not getting any of it so far. Most maps with wreckage center around one or two derelicts, mostly broken into pieces.


Maps based in close orbit to a star would be thrillin’. In addition to the solar flares (OR alternatively), you could have a boundary representing the star’s corona which will, if not immediately blow up the ship flying into it, deal tremendous amounts of damage.


A black hole would be nice, but it brings me to a idea suggested in another thread months ago… Battles inside subspace. Lots of screwy stuff, and everything’s in constant motion, including player ships.

All these have already been suggested actually capnnic.


About the 2 derelict stuff, they are usually just a bundle of big stuff you cannot do anything about except for going around them, no other special features unfortunately.

We already have many suggestions on maps, but we are still collecting more;)
Of course there will be more maps as soon as they are ready for release.

Moving objects on maps are a nice idea, but don’t forget that this will need better computers to handle it.