New map suggestions !!!

Hey everybody !

I’m here cause i have a idea, about a new and original battle map :stuck_out_tongue:
Every map we’ve got now are i think basically the same, lava asteroides, ice asteroides, stations, with a deep star background …
But what do you think about a map like this.

(don’t pay attentions to the game, (Freelancer) it’s an old game, just try to imagine, it’s just to show you what i mean) :

This is what i think. It would be great to do some new kind of map like these, in which you can fight in very deep, dense, hostile nebula with a lot of dangerous asteroides. the vision is very reduced so it’s hard to see your enemy, the radar is perturbated by the nebula so it’s hard to lock. (may be a new item you can buy could be created to lock better in nebula).

The nebula could be very electrostric too, with some light storm.
( I don’t know if it is the exact word, in french we say “des éclaires” ).
These light storm if they appear not far from you, could inflict shields or targeting perturbations etc …

Off course in the nebula, it could have some very big astéroides, which have some caves in which you can go deep inside and try to fight in it, only interceptors or fighters (if piloted carefully) could fight and reach the other side in life in order to take control of the area.

The enemy could come from EVERYWHERE ! That’s could add some more challenge !!

This is my contribution for the forum.

Tell me what do you think.

Sorry for my crappy english ! have a nice day, now i’m going to sleep tomorrow, it’s school :stuck_out_tongue: