New Map Concept - Tag you're It!

i thought of a new map idea, that would be less lethal, but extremely fun.

Make a map where weapons fire no longer kills enemies, but tags them. when they are tagged, they get an aura around them notifying them of it. at the end of the timer, the most tags wins. Tags cannot transfer back to their target for 15 seconds (maybe 30).

so if i tag you, you cant re-tag me for 30 seconds. this gives me a chance to get away and helps you look for another, to keep things fun.

Sounds nice, but I think most people prefere destroying ships :fighter:

na this will work. Lol, It will be insanely fun.

You tag them and run away, that will be great.

thing is things like Capture the flag have the most likes.

the problem with that is that you have to put a sort of star-trek ish twist on it, and add a tractor beam to make a CTF map.