New Loki

Because all of these awesome ships and stuff are getting new stuff, howabout we give the Loki (T4 Command fighter) something too!


Name: Phase Shifter

Type: Main Weapon for Loki

Damage: 50-5,100 EM DPS

RoF: (instant) 60rpm

Maximum range: 5,250m

Heat: 18/2s

Tooltip: A mysterious beam weapon using alien technology. Latches on to the target under the crosshairs and begins to shift them out of phase over the course of 10 seconds. As they are shifted,the damage increases and their weapons and modules lose effectiveness up to 75% reduction.


Name: Rebound Shield

Type: Alternative Special Module for Loki

Recharge: 20s

Energy: 300pts

Duration: 5s

Tooltip: Creates a barrier that bounces back incoming attacks. Affects all types of projectiles and missiles but not beams. Beam energy is instead converted to capacitor volume. Shield vanishes after 5 seconds or when the ship runs out of energy. Consumes 1pt of energy for every 15pts of damage rebounded.


Name: Cryoburst

Type: Active Module for Loki

Energy: 350lts

Recharge: 45s

Maximum range: 4,200m

Projectile Speed: 1,050m/s

Effect radius: 500m

Tooltip: Fires a special charge that freezes the affected ships according to their weapon heat. If at zero heat they are frozen completely for 5 seconds. If above, they are frozen for shorter amounts of time.


Name: Gravity Blade

Type: Active Module for Loki

Damage: Varies

Range: 750m

Duration: 3s

Tooltip: Generates an intense gravity field in front of the ship that makes matter begin to break apart. Deals more damage the larger the target is, up to 9,750 thermal damage per second. Also pushes enemies away at a speed of 120m/s.

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