New Hunter death animation

Because they are all alieny and cool and different, AND they have a massive ball of energy at their core, howabout instead of just the usual ship explosion and frigate debris afterwards, this happens;


The ship stops, like it’s dead, then the core flickers, then a massive green explosion like the phaser one happens and the hunter is left intact, just as a debris object, with none of the green animations showing. essentially like a hunter that got turned off. :3


It would look so cool imho and would add a bit more depth to the game. The explosion could do considerable EM damage to all ships in a small radius.


Though instead, maybe after the explosion, the two halves fall apart from each other? (At least until they get despawned)

Would also help differentiate the different biomorph types to new players in a spectacular fashion.

I like it.

thank you for your input - forwarded to the Devs

The idea is nice, but for now we are fine with the current animation. Perhaps we will re-think it in the future.


Aka, too lazy to create a new animation because every ship currently uses the same one :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe they are too busy with dreadnoughts. That would be a better reason :slight_smile: