New guy here! My thoughts, ideas.

Good day everyone!


Name’s Superpoop. (Yes that’s my in-game name. Long story, irrelevant.)


Last time I checked I think I am sitting about 3 hours of game time; which really isn’t a lot. So yeah, I’m a new player with I think almost 15 matches under my belt with a pretty decent win rate. I just wanted to discuss a few things that I’ve seen, and give my opinions on the various game features from newbies perspective. Maybe some things will change at higher tiers and the community can let me know, or something.



Alright so I love the game; if it wasn’t for overtime at work, preparation for my daughter being born and studying in general I would be playing MUCH more. I plan on labeling this as my staple game for the time being, something I focus my spare gaming-time on when I get the chance. I of course played EvE for about four years in the past, and have dabbled in other space sims before that such as Jumpgate and Freelancer. I love dog fighting, really getting into the fray and besting your opponents with fancy moves through obstacles and everything else. As much as I really, really want an open-universe style game that is twitched based I can fully get behind a matched-based system such as this.


I only fly an interceptor, I love the challenge of getting a unguided missile to hit for loads of damage; and being a Jericho player the Tachyon Cocoon is ridiculous fun. Nothing more entertaining than sneaking to the enemy team captain. (Who is ALWAYS a frigate) and activating my Cocoon only to stun them and sneak behind them and proceed to have my way with them as they struggle to fight back. I enjoy running into ships that can cloak and all of the other cool abilities. Keep in mind I think my ship is tier 2, so from what I’m told I have more ahead of me but when I first got access to a passive module (which I chose the maneuvering one) I was blown away by how cool it was.


One thing that I think would be cool is if the discovered weapons had more differences? Like affixes!

Experimental could mean it has a disgusting amount of spread to hit quicker targets with smaller amounts of damage, so on and so forth? Trading fire speed for power; distance, etc? I’m not sure if this exists of course. (Being so new.)


To me it seems as though the different types of damage should have a greater impact? So far my assumption is lasers have a lot of range; kinetic is medium range and EM is sort of low range. Maybe have EM (when past shields) have a slight chance to slow the targeting speed or something; whereas Kinetic can cause physical damage to engines and what not and cause it to maybe stutter and move when impacted? Thermal could even have a very slight chance to start a fire. At the moment it seems we have three choices for weapons; and in the end it doesn’t seem there is a big enough gap in between functions?


Other than that; the ability to customize colors on your ship (or maybe have a few themes for each ship visually) would be nice. 


I for one would love it if the “leading” targeting reticule wasn’t there, but that’s just something I’m not sure if I can remove or not.


In essence : I love the game, I’ve brought many of my gaming pals over to it and am slowly bringing more so I can expose this underrated title to more people who may be into the genre. If there any discussion to be had on my points, please let me know as this is just a “I love your game” sort of post, really.