New gun for all : Vamp emitter

Hello! I would like to see sc have a new gun for pve, it would be cool if the gun gave 1/4 of the damage you caused. So if I did 5k damage 1/4 of that would be 1250 in health. It should have Beam like the gravi Beamer

I don’t think it would worth the effort to make a weapon for only one game mode. Also, there are energy and shield sucking modules already. Although, it is always nice to have new weapon features. Suggesting numbers is irrelevant because balance is dependent on many things that mostly devs and testers can calculate with. I am curious tho: What role would use this weapon of yours?

Btw, I was thinking of a new weapon too. A different kind of healing weapon for engineers. There could be a laser weapon that would heal friendly ships by transferring extra energy to them and boosting their own healing modules and regeneration processes.

Well, was worth a try. the gun would be Fighter only

I love both ideas posted in this thread. The more weapons that this game has, the better!