New Gun> Charge Driver

My second idea is another gun, this one is more bad xxxx! I’m calling it :Ionized Rifle

This gun would consist of 2 mechanics 1. Laser pointed beam that drains shield/hull of your target that the beam is center on(WHILE holding down the Left mouse) 2. After 3-5 seconds a ball of highly condensed thermal/kinetic energy is dealt to the target(thermal damage) each second you hold the beam the target looses 5 hull/shield to a maximum effect of 25(same as target painter) 

This gun would be so cool! 

Regulations> The thermal beam would deal 50 thermal damage per second as to let the other target know someone is attacking them? And that the Ball’s damage is taken into though of 1. Low crit chance and 2. Slow projectile  speed.

Damage though for the mks

MK 1> The ball would deal 2500 damage(thermal) and cause an additional 100 damage per second in a 250 m cloud

MK 2> The ball would deal 3000 damage(Thermal) and cause 150 additional damage per second in a 250 m cloud  

MK 3> The ball would deal 3750 damage(Thermal) and cause 250 additional damage per second in a 250 m cloud

MK 4> The ball would deal 4500 damage(thermal) and cause 350 additional damage per second in a 250 m cloud 

MK 5> The ball would deal 3000 damage(Thermal) but the beam would drain 8 pts per second instead of 5 per second, also the cloud would deal 150 damage in 500 m range.




Also!! I think you guys should add special effects to Mk5 weapons, after all its alien technology? what could go wrong!!


This is little like the destructor… before it was tweaked/nerfed.

Basically a mix of phaser and ion emitter… 50 dps for the thermal beam would be way underpowered, especially considering that 3000 damage in a ball is fairly low considering the low projectile speed. Personally, I think if you kept the same damage for the bubbles, but instead of making them slow and large, make it more like an actual rifle. Have the charged shot fire very fast, but be fairly small and do a decent amount of damage (prob something similar to the current damages listed).


EDIT: although at that point it would practically be a gauss cannon… idk how this kind of weapon would fit into this game. It is very slow paced compared to the other weapons in this game. If the bigger bubbles fired at a faster rate, I could see how this gun would be useful, but the fire rate of the bubbles and low damage would make this gun ineffective

I love this idea, but minus the explosions, the damage seems a bit tiny. Though tweaks can happen. Regardless; I want this weapon.