New game mode

Hey all and big brofist to the devs for working hard on the game. 


Heres an Idea for a new gamemode.



Setting is two Carrier Ships battling it out in space.



Every Carrier is pretty huge and takes up about 30 percent of the map. Since this is a fight between Carriers every Carrier is eqipped with battery guns turrets , missles and so on. Carriers automaticly fire at each other. They have their own Shield bar and Hull bar visible on the map for all players to se. 

Carriers are also a spawn point for us players. When the game starts we as players fly out of the hanger. The first thing you see when you fly out and take the turn is a HUGE enemy Carrier fireing heavily on yours. The enemy Carrier cannot target Player ships but inc fire still needs to be avoided. And there should be a LOT of inc fire. 


Now we as players have some interest points around the Carriers. Three shield beacons are placed on three different points on the Carrier and we players need to defend our shields while attacking enemy ones. Some have to defend, others attack, and all while avoiding enemy Carriers inc fire.

This can either be becon capture or EMP bomb, instilling a virus or whatever. ( If use of EMP bombs or virus codes, these should be placed in between the carriers, making it a challange to get to because incoming fire from the enemy carrier needs to be avoided but opposing ships coming in for the bomb them selves need to be dealth with.


Each becon when taken out reduces the fire inc by 33.3% . This basicly means that even taking out one enemy beacon will be enough to win the fight if your enemy doesnt take any of yours out since their Carrier will dies faster. The goal ofc beeing to kill the enemy carrier this is a bit of a race but still needs a lot of tactics since defence and offence are both needed. 



Now i am not very good explaning my self when writing soo if any devs are reading and kinda get the idea, find it interesting I would love to explain my self further. 
and  for all of you who complitly think i suck at explaning this idea, imagine a scene from battlestar galactica or starwars ep 4 where they destroy the deathstar. 
In many space adventures we have small fighter ships playing essential roles in a  BIG spaceship battles,

Mix in different ships star conflict has to offer, with dogfighting around two huge ships that are battling it out kinda makes it sound interesting. 





like the idea. very nice.


to make stuff more interesting you could just make it 3 key points on the carrier…like hangardoors, extendible periscope and bridge windows… let the nerds figure the details out on that… :slight_smile:

Maybe a Destroy the Nav Station.  Each team gets a nav station, and it’s destroy theirs before yours gets destroyed.  Asteroid fields around the stations could prevent long range attacks, or at least hinder them.  Maybe swap the commander for the nav station in combat recon.

its a kinda based on another similar space flying mmo game…


idea is good, there has to be a lot of balancing - the only one i do not understand is why the carrier has to have 30% of the map size… 

It needs to be big is what direwolf is trying to put across, I believe.


This is a good idea and if implemented correctly could be visually both striking and extremely appealing. It would make for excellent promotional videos/material for the game.


For those who’ve watched the Battlestar Galactica series - imagine flying out of a carrier which is being pounded by incoming missiles, it’s flak and point-defense turrets working overtime to shoot them down. The visual spectacle would be incredibly immersive.


Players could make attack runs on the enemy PDS/Flak turrets so that they are no longer able to shoot down all incoming missiles - meaning the carrier starts taking damage.


This would only happen once the shield generators are destroyed - shield generators could be one objective (enabling damage on the carrier) and the destruction of it’s point-defense capability allow the weapons from the other carrier to hit it. Obviously on the flip-side, the actual missile launches / long range turrets of the carrier should be destructable as well - vastly reducing damage on your carrier if things start getting hairy.


Oh the possibilities.

One idea that can help is to look at Hawken at the mode with the battleships constructed regularly by the 2 teams and sent to destroy the enemy stations.

To successfully build a battleship your team has to acquire fuel from special places in the map, return it to base and supply the construction. When done, the team must capture the mid-map anti-aircraft station to help them bringing down the enemy battleship if completed, keeping it from destroying your own and reaching the base afterwards to destroy it. So all in all, it is a mode with 4 constantly changing objectives: build, escort ship / protect base, destroy. The team who destroys the enemy base wins.

Also to add to this suggestion, though most of it is based on DoTA:


The Carrier should also be a point in which you can reload missiles once you run out or get blown up. - But i can see this as a point of exploit for mine spammers.


The Carrier should send bot ships out to act as fodder, shields and additonal income source. - Some may just farm the “mobs”.


The longer the player ships are in the fight, the more powerful/synergized the ship is, giving them hull/shield/damage bonuses- of course when they die, some of this “Combat Level” is decreased.


I can toss some more ideas for this if you guys don’t mind.

I feel like this is how corp dreadnought battles are going to be, and i am very excited :3 i just hope my poor laptop can keep up!

So, kinda like space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront II. 'Cause that’s how I imagine dreadnought battles would pan out.


To keep LRFs from lazily spawncamping, there should be, at the very least, a 10-12km+ distance between both teams’ dreadnoughts. LRFs can easily pick away at subsystems from what I’ve seen in PvE - if two dreadnoughts are close enough, LRFs can simply pick away an opposing dreadnought from the safety of their own dreadnought’s defensive grids.




If it’s a dreadnought battle where things are REALLY up close and personal, however, each team should be able to secure ‘boarding points.’ I’m thinking It’s kinda like Beacon Hunt, where your team has to capture a weak point on an enemy dreadnought, while covering their own dreadnought’s weak point. The longer the ‘weak point’ is secured, the target dreadnought’s integrity suffers (more troops are able to board the dreadnought and disable it from inside), unless it’s secured by its own escorts.

maybe you could board the enemy dreadnought by yourself? if the enemy shields are down, you can land on the dreadnought, take your rifle and assault it.


I would personally love this if it were implemented.


I’ll just close this thread since it’s outdated.