new game-mode suggestions

these are just ideas so just tell me what you think.




star battle

in this game mode there will be two teams that both have a kind of mother-ship that is on one side of the map.

the goal will be to destroy that ship. when that ship is destroyed that team won’t be able to spawn new ships.

then you will have to eliminate all the players from the other team. when all the enemy’s are destroyed

you will have won the battle.


more to come!!


i’ll be glad to hear about your idea’s two.

It is called Combat reconnaissance and is already in the game.


That game mode would fail instantly with everyone just camping and defending and nothing ever happning in the game.

what we really need is a death match game mode. And a pre installed anti camp system, like if you stay still for more than 1 minute, your shields start draining or something.

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I think your idea is a good one, but not as a “skirmish” game mode.

There is already a similar T2 PvE scenario. And, if you played it, you noticed, just how “BIG” the dreadnought is against the player ships.


Also, dreadnought was announced as a possible base for some Corporate battle modes.


Thus, such a game mode in PvP will have to be restricted to team vs team mode.

Similar to WoT “platoon battles”, where a team (platoon), even if out of random players gathers, discusses their plans and roles and then fights against other such team (platoon).


Such a mode for random skirmish will invariably lead to a lot of spamming, complaining, insulting, and so on…