new game mode pvp

I just tought of a nice new gamemode.


The idea is that both teams got a goal…  Something like a ring (could be a indestructable giant warpgate i imagine),

and the center of the battlefield got a beacon (or something simular that can be occupied or taken over)

Only the team that is in control of the beacon can score at the enemy goal. (by flying trough the ring/goal) (warping should not count i think)


The idea is that the players gotta make a chooise on where to go. Wil you try to take over the beacon, or wil you be in front of the goal in case it might activate, or maybe you want to play more defensive and protect your own goal against the enemy team in case it might open.


The goals should be a bit away from the spawnpoint i think. Maybe it doesnt matter that much,

but i would suggest both goals would be located between the spawns, (1 on the left, and 1 on the right, from your spawn point of view) and the beacon wil be between them. So all these locations are about the same traveldistance.


This gamemode would require allot of teamplay, since i think when a map for this would be properly made you cant just go take the beacon and then all go for the goal, cause a undefended beacon would be taken over very fast (this might mean the takeover time on the beacon should be very low, maybe 5 seconds or so).


I hope most of you wil understand what im describing, sadly i dont have pictures with it right now, but i might send them later if people seem to be interested.


PS: If anyone is curious about where i got this idea from, i cant recall ever seeing this in a game. The only thing that keeps crossing my mind on how i tought of this is a picture of bombingrun from UT2003. And to be honist thats quite different.

Maybe someone else knows of a game that has this kind of gamemode, cause i cant imagine me being imaginative. :D