New game mode: Fleet war

Ok so you know how you can have 3 ships with you at a time?(sometimes 4) what if there was a gamemode where each player gets to send in all 3 ships at the same time? the way this would work is say i have a intercepter a frigate and a fighter in my loadout, when the match starts the one i pick will be the commander. lets say i picked the frigate the other two ships would be ai controlled and i can give them orders like move to a location, follow me, attack/defend. maybe there can be an option to switch between the ships at will but the one you originally pick has slight buffs to make it slightly stronger then the average ship but not op. the objective would be to eliminate the enemy fleet, the ai partner ships can respawn but once the commander of that group dies both ships can no longer respawn. ships respawn with a slightly longer delay but right next to the commander.


now i have thought of 2 versions the first being the 3 ships you bring per player(each with your loadout) or…


have the weaker pve ships, have no respawn (they will need a slight buff to be strong enough to not die in a few seconds but not as strong as a standard pvp ship) replace the regular ships (except commander which will have normal stats) but have them multiplied by what type it is for example

interceptor x 3

fighter x 2

frigate x 1

so if i have a swift interceptor in my loadout i will get 3 weaker pve versions of that ship to command and lets say i picked the fighter as my commander so i only get one ship with normal pvp stats and i also get one frigate with pvp stats.


the player count my have to be lowered for the second version to support all the ships.


this mode should be limited to players with at least 3 ships (to avoid the people who just started who have only one ship)or maybe limited to tier 2 or above


any ideas to modify the rules? or a better objective besides kill the other ships?

good addition for dreadnought war. the additional ships are like drones, started from the dreadnought. when they die, new ones are spawned, but if you die, they are uncontrolled and just shoot at any enemy nearby without any tactics