New flag suggestion

Well, as stated I am suggesting a new flag (or mode, whatever you want to call it). It is simply a travellers flag which restricts all foreign ships from damaging you (Ai and Players alike) but also negates you from using modules or weapons, I would also like to see travel restrictionsremoved when the flag is active (but if your ship is in a rank inappropriate zone the player should not be able to deactivate it). If the flag is implemented (which I have doubts that it will) I would suggest putting a cooldown on the function (30 minutes perhaps?) to disallow players from activating the flag to travel into a pvp zone without disturbance and then deactivate it to hunt down a weakened player only to reactivate it to avoid consequences.


I have only thought of this suggestion as to allow players to travel from one station to another no matter what rank and to avoid griefers (this flag would be ideal for transporting cargo back to stations).




Considering this game used to be a game about mercenary pilots fighting each other for cash and glory, all the requests for what is basically single player PVE farming are amusing.

They should just add an “AFK farming” flag which fills your account with credits + artifacts periodically while you idle. A bot AI takes over control of your ship while you do so to provide a semblance of people actually playing the PVP game.

You know you want this. They’ve laid the groundwork for this with the bots in PVP Skirmish anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Imo we need more PvP and less PvE, so I don’t like this idea. It just makes Invasion even easier if you can’t even be attacked by Pirates or Aliens.

I don’t think this would be a good idea at all. It’s not the right way to handle the issue of free exploration or station switching.

Well then there’s the final opinion. It simply won’t work.

It defeats the objective.  Travelling should be dangerous!

The terms “Free Space”  “Open World”  “Sandbox”  mean anyone can shoot anyone, (almost) anything is possible… it’s unpredictable.  For myself and others that is the draw of open space. 


Just grab a covert ops and slap some speed mods and a cloak on it.  It gets me from one sector to another no problem.  


Another suggestion is to make some friends, and put together an escort squad.  (My corp has been doing this to help newer members get to our home station.)

My suggestion has been defeated by the majority. May I please ask a moderator to please close the thread now?

Hello, I will not close this thread. We always welcome new ideas, suggestions and feedback from our players. The devs will read every single topic with new suggestions and will decide whether to implement it or not. Thanks for your contribution.

Okay, here’s an idea of how to implement this ‘transport flag’ in a way that shouldn’t cause issue. Hopefully.

Transport flags can only be activated in your home station sector. When you activate a transport flag you are asked to pick one of the two stations you aren’t docked with. The game then respawns you in a special ‘transport ship’. This ship is invincible and will not be attacked by NPCs. It travels about 150ms and flies automatically to the station via the shortest route.

Players can log out safely while in transit, in which case they resume when they return. If they abandon ship all progress is lost and they return to home base. The transport flag cannot be deactivated once active, and shuts off automatically when you return to a station.

So, the pros of this:

  1. Free station change for all level of pilots.

  2. No means to exploit to get into or out of a farming zone.

  3. Can’t be griefed.


  1. Boring as hell.

  2. AFKable.

Okay, here’s an idea of how to implement this ‘transport flag’ There’s basically no open PVP left anyway, why bother?

Why bother? There’s basically no open PVP left anyway, the OP pretty much got their request implemented, albeit in another way.