New faction specific weapons

I suggest the introduction of three new faction specific weapons:


Empire: Frigate weapon:


Charged Laser: Long range laser cannon with limited rate of fire (similar to pulse laser, but lower rate of fire and no spread). Thermal damage. The beam would be red-purple-ish.


Damage: 2000 per pulse (each is 0.6 sec long)

Rate of fire: 37 pulses/min

Range: 5000

Crit chance: 5%

Crit damage: 50%

Overheating/Cooling:  8/3.5 sec



Federation: Interceptor weapon:


Plasma Flamethrower: Short range area of effect weapon. EM damage. Can pass through objects. Hit enemy ships receive 500dps for 3 sec. The flame would be green-blue-ish.


Dps: 2500dmg/sec

Rate of fire: 60/min (continuous flame)

Range: 1000m

‘Projectile’ speed: 1200m/s

Crit chance: 5%

Crit damage: 75%

Overheating/Cooling: 2,5/0.8 sec



Jericho: Fighter weapon:


Bolt Driver: Weapon capable of charging multiple projectiles. Kinetic damage.

Weapon fires fully automatic. Seizing to fire will charge the weapon. Once the weapon is charged, it will release a short, high rate of fire burst, when the trigger is pressed again. The duration of the burst is determined by the time the weapon had to charge. The projectiles would look similar to the ones of the Termoreactive Weapon, but significantly smaller.


Damage pet shot: 1500

Rate of fire (full auto): 80/min

Rate of fire (burst): 500/min

Maximum burst size: 4 shots

Burst charge  replenishment: 1 charge every second

Range: 3500m

Projectile speed: 6000m/s

Crit chance: 7%

Crit damage: 60%

Overheating/Cooling: 10/3 sec


Seems like an interesting suggestion. Put for review.