New engi ?

Brand new engi with nice mods :slight_smile: What do you think about it?


a) Randomly drops ‘pearls’ that heal 100 points shield and hull / second, for 10 seconds. And restore 100 energy max. All on touch. They can be shot/sniped. 

b) Module 1: deploys stronger “pearls”, on a small/medium area, that heal 1.000 points hull and shield/second, for 10 seconds, also by contact.

c) Module 2: creates gravi-splashes that propel the ship and increase the speed, to max. 100%, but not higher than the owner’s max speed x 2. Range: 5km. About 5-7 splashes. Only team members can pass through, it’s one-way, exists for 30 seconds. While passing through, ships are immune to damage. Module recharge: 60 seconds.


Special module: mobile, travels by mouse pointing, 5-7km range. Creates a gravi-anomaly, pulling enemy ships at 500m/s. Can escape only with Wormhole projector, Teleportation sphere or Engine overcharge. Deals no damage, but lowers the resists of enemies by 50points (shield and hull) and drains 10 energy points / second from every enemy in range. Works for 60 seconds. Also raises the resists of allied ships by 50 points, shield and hull. If, during the 60 seconds, the mod is called back by the owner, it gives him (only him) 100% boost for speed, turn, rotation, maneuvrability. Cooldown time: 30 seconds.


Main weapon: Laser-plasma canon beam, deals medium damage to the enemy and restores 200 points shield and hull for allies.